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Fallout 76 Fans Pay In-game Tribute to Deceased Developer

Damian Mista, 23 October 2022, 22:54

The co-creator of Fallout 76, Eric „Ferret” Baudoin, who was also involved in the work on Dragon Age games, has passed away. Gamers have decided to thank him for his contributions.

First Screenshot From Obsidian's RPG Avowed Leaked

Damian Mista, 23 October 2022, 22:38

An unofficial screenshot of Avowed, the new RPG from Obsidian, which has been announced for 2020, has appeared online. It comes from the pre-alpha version of the title.

Select Players Will Play The Sims 5 in Just a Few Days

Damian Mista, 23 October 2022, 22:28

Early testing of Project Rene, or The Sims 5, will begin next week, with studio Maxis giving a voice to players who will choose what direction the title should take.

Fan Added Car Fencing to Cyberpunk 2077, Like in GTA

Adrian Werner, 23 October 2022, 22:13

Cyberpunk 2077 has received an interesting modification called Chop Shops, which introduces a spot in the game where we can sell stolen cars.

Developer Dispels Doubts: Silent Hill 2 is Expected to Look Like on Trailer

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 23 October 2022, 22:02

If you had doubts about the beautiful Silent Hill 2 trailer, one of the remake's creators has just dispelled them. The game is 'meant to look just like this'.

Tencent Lost Hundreds of Billions of Dollars; Chinese Giant Trembles

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 23 October 2022, 21:37

China's largest tech giant has been outperformed in its home country. Tencent has lost more than $650 billion in recent years.

Resident Evil 4 Remake System Requirements

Adrian Werner, 23 October 2022, 21:16

We have learned the system requirements of the PC version of Resident Evil 4, the remake of Capcom's classic survival horror game.