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Watch Out for God of War Ragnarok Online

Jacob Blazewicz, 24 October 2022, 17:23

The release of God of War: Ragnarok is still ahead of us, but someone hurried and spoilers (including screenshots) from the new game with Kratos can already be found online.

CI Games is Working on a New Shooter IP

Jakub Tarchala, 24 October 2022, 17:00

CEO of CI Games presented the company's development plan for 2023-2027. The company intends to explore more branches of electronic entertainment, as well as release new projects - including one live-service game.

Persona 5 Royal PC - All crossword answers

Damian Gacek, 24 October 2022, 14:19

P5R was released on PC. One of the puzzles in the game is crosswords. In this guide we will present all the answers, including impart knowledge and how school years are divided. We will also tell you when the new crosswords will appear.

The First Descendant - When Will Beta End, and Will the Game Be Free?

Agnes Adamus, 24 October 2022, 14:11

Closed beta tests of the shooter The First Descendant are currently underway. In this guide you will find out how long they will last and how to join them. You'll also find information on the free-to-play nature of the title.

Diablo Immortal Criticized After Item Description Changes; People Want Refunds

Michal Ciezadlik, 24 October 2022, 14:01

By changing the description of an item's properties, Blizzard has prompted some players to demand refunds.

Disco Elysium Devs Sue ZA/UM

Hubert Sledziewski, 24 October 2022, 13:56

Robert Kurvitz, creative director of Disco Elysium, has sued the Estonian studio ZA/UM. The case has to do with a recent scandal and the alleged involuntary departure of three people from the development team.

Uncharted PC Results a Far Cry From Other Sony Hits

Jakub Tarchala, 24 October 2022, 12:28

The adventures of Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer did not interest PC owners - at least that's according to stats presented in a comparison with the results of other Sony game ports.

Tower Fantasy (ToF) And DX12 Is Not Supported on Your System Error

Agnes Adamus, 24 October 2022, 12:24

A bug has appeared in Tower of Fantasy, which informs the player that DirectX 12 is not supported on a particular PC. Here you can find out how to fix it.

Stalker Gamma Install Guide

Adam Adamczyk, 24 October 2022, 12:00

Stalker Anomaly and Gamma are mods that bring a lot of new features to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. In this guide you will learn how to install them.

Star Wars Eclipse Will Add Something Unheard of in Star Wars

Kamil Kleszyk, 24 October 2022, 11:54

Although we are years away from the release of Star Wars Eclipse, some interesting details about Quantic Dream's new project have surfaced on the web.

Steam With Historic Result; All-time Record Achieved

Jakub Tarchala, 24 October 2022, 11:47

The past weekend will go down in the history of Steam. At one point there were more than 30 million users logged into the service.

Dead Space Remake Fixes Ills of Original. I Know, Because I Played

Darius Matusiak, 24 October 2022, 11:13

Dead Space Remake may be a rehash, but it certainly won't be for everyone. The game looks so good that even a repeat visit to the USG Ishimura ship should provide a strong experience.

Free The Sims 4 is Storming Steam; Long-time Players Demand Refunds [UPDATE]

Sonia Selerska, 24 October 2022, 11:08

Eight years after its release, The Sims 4 has switched to free-to-play model. The game is gaining a lot of popularity, but it may also be losing old fans.