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Uncharted Legacy of Thieves on PC- fixing game not opening issue

Damian Gacek, 19 October 2022, 22:29

The release of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PC was unfortunately not without unexpected events. Many players report that the game does not work. In this article we present some possible solutions to the problem.

Callisto Protocol Launch on Schedule and With 60 Fps

Hubert Sledziewski, 19 October 2022, 17:02

The developers of The Callisto Protocol have assured that the game will not be delayed. What's more, it will offer a 60 fps mode on consoles (probably only on PS5 and XSX/S). By the way, we remind you the early system requirements of the title on PC.

Overwatch 2 Players Want Hated Feature Back; Fed Up With Grind and Battle Pass

Kamil Kleszyk, 19 October 2022, 16:45

Overwatch 2 will not feature classic loot boxes. This could have been very good news. However, it turns out that the alternative solution is much worse for many players.

Might and Magic: Heroes 5.5 - Big Fan-made Expansion Gets New Version

Adrian Werner, 19 October 2022, 16:41

The powerful mod Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 has received a new version. The most important change is the addition of support for single player campaigns, so they received all the improvements and new mechanics offered by this project.

Silent Hill Will Return; Konami Announces Presentation [UPDATE]

Adrian Werner, 19 October 2022, 16:34

Konami intends to hold a presentation this week, during which we will learn about the future of the Silent Hill series.

NFS Unbound Palace Edition Content and 10-hour Trial

Hubert Sledziewski, 19 October 2022, 16:16

Need for Speed Unbound preorders have launched. We also learned the price and the extras offered for pre-ordering it before the release. In addition, the title will be available to check out as part of a 10-hour trial through the EA Play service - which is part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

A Plague Tale Requiem: Can You Save the Herbalist?

Matthias Pawlikowski, 19 October 2022, 15:51

In the 3rd chapter of A Plague Tale Requiem, you must reach the herbalist's hut to get the medicine for Hugo. The herbalist dies - but can he be saved?

Planet Crafter Warden's Key; How to Get Lost Paradise Achievement

Adam Adamczyk, 19 October 2022, 15:41

There are many interesting facts to discover in The Planet Crafter. In this guide, you will learn how to get the Warden's keys and unlock the Lost Paradise achievement.

Paralives Not Afraid of The Sims 5; Beard Selection Menu Presented

Sonia Selerska, 19 October 2022, 15:21

Independent competitor of The Sims introduces mechanics currently ot offered by its rival. In contrast, Project Rene, announced yesterday, displays intriguing similarity to Paralives.

Uncharted Launch on PC; Sony's Next Big Hit

Adrian Werner, 19 October 2022, 15:10

This afternoon will see the release of the PC edition of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, a set of two hit action games from Naughty Dog.

Modern Warfare 2 Launch - Preload, Requirements, Release

Kamil Kleszyk, 19 October 2022, 15:01

The release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is getting closer and closer. In connection with this, we present all the most important information that fans of the iconic series should know about the upcoming title.

WoW is Back to Roots with Dragonflight, And I Appreciate the Hell out of Blizzard

Patrick Manelski, 19 October 2022, 14:37

18 years on the market and still attracting hundreds of thousands of players. An unmatched game that still remains the king of the MMORPG genre for many. Let's examine World of Warcraft's past and future.

Layoffs at Microsoft, Including Xbox Division

Adam Adamczyk, 19 October 2022, 14:20

About 1,000 Microsoft employees have been laid off from their jobs. The cuts have affected the Xbox division, among others.

Actress May Have Deceived Millions of Gamers, Schreier Claims

Adrian Werner, 19 October 2022, 13:25

It turns out that the matter of the voice actress' resignation from her appearance in Bayonetta 3 is not as simple as it seemed. Taylor may have told mistruth in reporting how much she was offered for the job.

Uncharted on PC is Great, but Reviewers See a Few Problems

Agnes Adamus, 19 October 2022, 13:01

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will be released tomorrow on PC. In connection with this, the bundle's reviews have appeared on the web. They show that Sony have prepared a solid port, but it's not without some problems.

The Sims 5 Announced as Project Rene; Check Out Early Version

Agnes Adamus, 19 October 2022, 12:59

Project Rene, the next installment of The Sims, was announced at the Behind The Sims Summit show. The project is currently in the early stages of development.

New Video From God of War Ragnarok Discusses Plot

Damian Mista, 19 October 2022, 12:26

The developers of God of War: Ragnarok will be releasing videos over the next few weeks, introducing various aspects of the upcoming game. The first footage discusses the plot and how it will play out in Kratos' new adventure.

Brotato - All stats. Harvesting and engineering explained

Damian Gacek, 19 October 2022, 12:12

Brotato has won hearts of fans. In this article we will tell you about stats in the game. You will also find here tips for beginners.

Longer Gameplay Trailer From NFS Unbound

Agnes Adamus, 19 October 2022, 11:39

Another Need for Speed Unbound gameplay trailer has appeared online. This time it shows mainly spectacular police chases and betting.