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News hardware & software 16 September 2020, 12:33

author: Musiol

Nvidia May Soon Add CPUs to Its Offer

Nvidia, after purchasing the British chipset manufacturer AMR, is thinking about entering the market for data center processors.

NVIDIA considers making CPUs.
  1. Nvidia has purchased the UK-based CPU manufacturer ARM for $40 billion.
  2. Jensen Huang, Nvidia's founder and boss, assured that ARM would not lose its contracts.
  3. Various options for the use of ARM's technology are planned, including the development of CPUs under the Nvidia brand.

A few days after the announcement of the purchase of a UK-based chipset manufacturer ARM, Nvidia is expressing interest in developing its own CPUs. In an interview for the editors of The Next Platform, the founder and current head of the corporation, Jensen Huang, revealed what Nvidia's new plans look like.

During the conversation, a question was asked about Nvidia's ability to start working on its own CPUs. Huang revealed that Nvidia intends to invest heavily in ARM and not to change existing deals. Continuing the thread of own data center CPUs, three possibilities were presented:

  • ARM develops CPUs without external partners;
  • Companies acquire a license to use ARM's cores and create their own products;
  • Nvidia works on a CPU for a partner.

Jensen Huang admitted that each option will be considered to find the best solution to expand the product portfolio. This means that Nvidia may start developing its own data center processors in the near future, complementing the range of AI, Internet of Things and supercomputers.

  1. NVIDIA - official website

Last update: 2020-09-16

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