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News guides 13 June 2024, 02:40

Overthrow Bosses in Destiny 2 (D2), Full List

If you would like to learn all the bosses in Overthrow mode in Destiny 2, you've come to a right place. We have prepared a full list of them.

Source: Destiny 2: The Final Shape, Developer: Bungie

Despite internal difficulties and delays, Bungie managed to deliver a new expansion, called The Final Shape, for Destiny 2. Concluding the Light and Darkness saga, the DLC drew in many fans. To such extent, in fact, that there were significant network issues related to the sheer number of Guardians wanting to check the new content. And content it provides. Among other, more nostalgic and minor things like Khvostov 7G-02 AR, the whole new mode, called Overthrow, has been added. If you would like to check which bosses will challenge you in it, here you will find a list of all of them.

List of Overthrow Bosses in Destiny 2

Overthrow is a new game mode in Destiny 2 that was introduced in The Final Shape paid update. It boils down to battling hordes of consecutively more powerful enemies and eventually facing a boss. There are 9 of them in total and they go as follows:

The Blooming

  1. Kholon, Taken By The Witness
  2. Koftiks, Taken By The Witness
  3. Voxelos, Taken By The Witness

The Impass

  1. Araaxen, Reverent of the Witness
  2. Rhaska, Subjugator Of Threshholds
  3. Rhuna, Subjugator of Chasms

The Landing

  1. Ir Okmarr, Devoted To Savathun
  2. Mharuk, Sky-Stealer
  3. Nolakh, Star-Eater

Overthrown mode breakdown in D2

Overthrown consists of 4 phases in which you will battle more and more powerful foes. Each stage requires you to gather 1000 points. Killing basic enemies grant you minuscule number of points, while dealing with stronger ones yield more points. Additionally, opening chests and gathering resources progresses the score even more. What you should focus on, however, is completing specific area related objectives, as it is the best way to advance with the stage.

Eventually, in the last, 4th phase you will face the level’s boss, disposing of which will require a specific activity to drop their shield first. Successfully finishing the encounter will reward you with a chest containing unique loot. Good luck!

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