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News guides 15 February 2024, 04:43

author: Olga Fiszer

Palworld - How to Catch and Breed Jetragon (Jet Dragon)

Having a hard time capturing Jetragon (Jet Dragon) in Palworld? Explore effective strategies to locate this Pal and discover its breeding combos.

Source: Palworld; developer: Pocketpair

In the wild world of Palworld, Legendary Pals boast supreme elemental abilities and devastating skills. But taming their power isn’t that easy. With the right knowledge and a dash of strategic cunning, even the elusive Jetragon, often misnamed as a Jet Dragon, can fall under your command. This guide will help you find, capture, and learn all breeding combinations for Jetragon.

How to Find and Catch Jetragon (Jet Dragon) in Palworld

Jetragon is a Dragon element Pal and an excellent flying mount in Palworld. Its Partner Skill, Aerial Missile, can rapidly fire a missile launcher. A Legendary Jetragon on level 50 can be found in the western part of the map on the volcano isle, near the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast travel point. Jetragon is weak to Ice attacks, making Pals like Reindrix, Cryolinx, Chillet, or Foxcicle ideal choices for engaging it in battle.

As a Legendary Pal, Jetragon will not spawn again after being captured in the same place as every other Alpha Pal in Palworld. If you’re very lucky, you can obtain another Jetragon by hatching a Huge Dragon Egg, that can be found anywhere across the islands.

How to Breed Jetragon (Jet Dragon) in Palworld

Surprisingly, the only method to breed Jetragon is by pairing two Jetragons together. Therefore, the only possible option is to capture a Legendary Jetragon from the volcano isle and hatch another from a discovered Huge Dragon Egg.

All Jetragon breeding combos:

  1. Caprity x Jetragon = Grintale
  2. Mossanda x Jetragon = Menasting
  3. Cryolinx x Jetragon = Cryolinx
  4. Melpaca x Jetragon = Cinnamoth
  5. Penking x Jetragon = Jormuntide
  6. Nitewing x Jetragon = Menasting
  7. Incineram x Jetragon = Warsect

For all possible breeding combos check our Breeding Calculator in Palworld.

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