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News guides 13 February 2024, 03:38

author: Olga Fiszer

Palworld - How to Catch and Breed Shadowbeak (Shadowbreak)

Having trouble finding Shadowbeak (Shadowbreak) in Palworld? This guide reveals its breeding combos and secret location.

Source: Palworld; developer: Pocketpair

Shadowbeak stands as one of the rarest and most formidable Pals in Palworld. This powerful creature, known for its exceptional abilities, proves to be a challenge, given its elusive nature and scarcity in the wild. For those daring enough to seek its companionship, there are several ways to catch this Pal. This guide will help you find and capture Shadowbeak, commonly mistaken for Shadowbreak, or obtain it through breeding combos.

How to Find and Catch Shadowbeak (Shadowbreak) in Palworld

Shadowbeak is a Dark element Pal and an excellent flying mount, though it’s less effective as a base worker, primarily suited for gathering tasks. Finding this magnificent creature requires a bit of adventure, as it inhabits the No. 3 Sanctuary, in the northeast part of the map, both day and night. Reachable only with a flying mount, this sanctuary rests on a small island. Shadowbeak is weak against attacks from Dragon element Pals, so it’s best to bring Orserk, Quivern, Chillet, or Dinossom to the fight.

If you’re not keen on a long journey, try to hatch a Huge Dragon Egg – these rare eggs can be found across the islands. Additionally, a specific breeding combination can also result in the birth of a Shadowbeak.

How to Breed Shadowbeak (Shadowbreak) in Palworld

The only breeding combo, excluding the use of two Shadowbeaks, to get Shadowbeak is:

  1. Kitsun x Astegon

All breeding combos with Shadowbeak:

  1. Cryolinx x Shadowbeak = Cryolinx
  2. Elizabee x Shadowbeak = Helzaphyr
  3. Mossanda x Shadowbeak = Menasting
  4. Eikthyrdeer x Shadowbeak = Cinnamoth
  5. Nitewing x Shadowbeak = Beakon
  6. Pyrin Noct x Shadowbeak = Astegon
  7. Penking x Shadowbeak = Relaxaurus

Check out our The Best Breeding Calculator in Palworld for all breeding combos.

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