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News video games 22 March 2024, 07:01

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Path of Exile 2 Beta Delayed. PoE: Necropolis Introduces Tons of Changes

Grinding Gear Games studio has decided to delay beta testing of Path of Exile 2, despite the fact that they probably will manage to complete the game in time.

Source: Grinding Gear Games.

The Path of Exile 2 beta won't start on the announced date. Grinding Gear Games informed (via X) that its launch has been postponed from June 7 to the end of 2024. No exact date has been given, but it has been confirmed that the alpha tests will start as planned in June.

Developers claim they probably would have been able to deliver all the content by the original deadline. However, they underestimated how much time it would take them to polish the entire game. Therefore, the decision was made to delay the beta tests.

It's worth noting that the "beta" version of PoE 2 won't simply be a small preview of Grinding Gear Games' new production. Players will have the opportunity to complete all six acts of the game from start to finish, rather than just one or two chapters. Devs also aim for a "good" and balanced gameplay to avoid frustrating players with skill nerfs after the full version release.

It's not surprising that the team requires a significant amount of time to refine the whole thing. Especially because in the meantime, some devs are still working on the first installment.

Healthy benefits of necromancy

In addition to the delay, the developer had one more information for players: a full list of changes in the Path of Exile: Necropolis expansion and update 3.24.0. The expansion won't be released until March 29, but as usual, the devs have prepared a lot of new features and modifications (via X).

As always, a new addition means another level and more excitement in the final stages of the game (including level 17 of the map, which will offer a significant challenge). Players will also get a new crafting system that enables them to make powerful items by bringing the remains of haunted monsters to the titular Necropolis.

Uber Pinnacle Bosses' improvements are further enhanced by the addition of more gems, skills, and so on, with access to the strongest ones available through level 17 maps where special materials can be found. The full list of changes and new features coming to PoE next week can be found on the game's official website.

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