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News video games 09 April 2021, 16:44

author: Bart Swiatek

Path of Exile 2 - Long Gameplay Reveals New Weapons and Locations

Grinding Gear Games shared a new trailer and gameplay video for PoE 2. The footage shows, among other things, new weapon types.


  1. A new trailer and gameplay from PoE 2 have appeared online;
  2. The materials focus on the second act of the game and present, among others, the setting and new types of weapons - crossbows and spears;
  3. Path of Exile 2 will not be released this year;
  4. The game will probably skip last-gen consoles and will be released only on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Cross-play implementation is also possible.

The creators of Path of Exile 2 - Grinding Gear Gameso - have shared another trailer and an extensive, nearly twenty minutes long gameplay from their work. Thanks to the new materials we got to know a lot of new information about the continuation of one of the most well received hack'n'slash games on the market.

Path of Exile 2 - second act and new weapons

Both videos present the second chapter of the story campaign (there will be seven in total), which takes place in the desert land inhabited by nomadic tribes.

The gameplay shows, among others, new types of weapons - spears and crossbows. The former offer great mobility (we can make an instant "dash" to charge the enemies or avoid danger) combined with long range and access to powerful attacks that hurt whole groups of enemies and instant, pinpoint thrusts to eliminate single monsters. Spears can also be used from a distance, for example, by hitting enemies with flaming or electrified projectiles.

Crossbows, in turn, enable the players to use several types of bolts with different applications - for example, armor piercing, incendiary or freezing. What's more, by using them appropriately we can increase the effectiveness (for example, the video mentions shooting piercing bolts at frozen enemies).

PoE 2 - changes in the jewel system and beautiful visuals

It's also worth noting that the gameplay is quite non-linear - after starting the act we receive a few tasks, but it's up to us in which order they will be performed. Gameplay also shows how the modified system of jewels will look like - the slots for the latter have been separated from armor to enable the players to use new equipment without the obligatory visit to the city in order to "repack" all the skills.

The visuals are also very impressive - the animations of monsters and their attacks are worth noting (e.g. spider webs, which extend in a very natural way when the player moves away from the place where they were entangled, or monsters that hide under rocks). The level of enemy detail is also impressive (for example, the bodies of enemies defeated with fire are incinerated). What's more, enemies interact with the environment more frequently (one boss, for example, can destroy elements of the ceiling, trying to drop them on the player's head - we can avoid this fate by sticking to areas lit by the sun, over which there is no more rock left).

By the way, we found out that Path of Exile 2 will definitely not be released this year. There are also many indications that the game will only hit the PC and current-gen consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S), omitting older platforms (releases dedicated to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will probably be canceled). Grinding Gear Games is also considering adding cross-play functionality to their work.

  1. Path of Exile 2 - official website
Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2

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