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News video games 11 April 2023, 18:48

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

As Diablo 4 Awaits Release, PoE Sets New Records on Steam

Path of Exile reached a record high of active players on Steam last weekend. The release of the new update, called Crucible, contributed to this success.

Diablo IV beta has apparently whetted the appetite of fans of hack-n-slash games. Players may have decided to pass the time until the June release by playing Path of Exile - the free competition for Blizzard's series. A few days ago PoE was played by so many people that the game's all-time activity record was broken.

Interest in PoE after the release of Crucible

One does not have to dig deep to find the reason for the sudden interest in Path of Exile. The number of concurrent users on Steam skyrocketed last Friday, with more than 210,000 at the hottest moment. It was on that day that the game received a major update called Crucible.

As Diablo 4 Awaits Release, PoE Sets New Records on Steam - picture #1

Source: SteamDB

As it turns out, this is a record not only on Steam - the developers boasted that the number of active players exceeded 321 thousand (most likely, this applies to all platforms, including consoles), which beat the last best result by 50 thousand people.

Crucible introduced to PoE a mass of novelties. The biggest of these appear to be skill trees for individual weapons. You can read more about the update in this news item.

Free Season Pass and new Mystery Box

In conjunction with the release of Crucible players can complete additional objectives, for the completion of which they will receive rewards from a season pass called Kirac's Vault. Interestingly, both a paid and free path with bonuses is available. Those who do not want to pay will receive items such as Orbs, Sextants and Breachstones for completing the objectives. The premium version of the Season Pass costs 300 points and offers Mystery Boxes and a new armor that serves only a cosmetic function. The video below introduces it in more detail.

The update also introduced a brand new Mystery Box, which costs 50 points and contains 1 of 14 items. The developers guarantee that once you purchase it, there is no risk of getting a duplicate version of an item you already own. You can learn more about the contents of this Mystery Box in the video below.

Path of Exile: The Crucible debuted on April 7 on PC, while tomorrow it will be released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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