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News video games 08 March 2021, 15:18

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Player Beats Sekiro's Hardest Boss Each Day Until Elden Ring Releases

The announcement of Elden Ring seems to be coming soon. Until the game is released, a dedicated From Software fan has decided to kill the toughest boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice every day.

  • In anticipation of Elden Ring's release, one player has taken on an unusual challenge;
  • Atijohn, as the player is known, decided to beat Isshin, the final and most difficult boss from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, every day;
  • The player increased the difficulty level by getting rid of Lord Kuro's charm, striking the bell in the Temple of the Bell Demon and giving up healing items.

We have known about the upcoming Japanese game since the E3 show in 2019. The trailer that was presented at the time remains the only official footage of the game we have. Recent rumors and leaks, however, suggest that Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team will soon shed some light on the game. That said, this is not enough for information-hungry fans. One of them decided to defeat the toughest boss from Sekiro: Shadows die Twice, the previous From Software game, until the yet unannounced release date of the awaited title.


Further on in the news, there are some spoilers about one of the endings available in Sekiro. We're talking mainly about the final boss and some gameplay elements. Those of you who haven't played the game, be aware of this.

If you've played Sekiro or just know a little about the game, you can probably guess who's this about. That's right Atijohn chose Isshin, The Sword Saint, because of whom many people didn't finish the game, who became a nuisance for many, has been getting a regular beating each day since two weeks. Atijohn increased the difficulty even further by getting rid of Lord Kuro's charm (a story item without which you take damage every time you don't perfectly parry an opponent's blow), striking the bell in the Temple of the Bell Demon (striking it puts a curse on the hero, causing enemies to deal more damage), and giving up healing items. The player also wasn't satisfied with the story-based easier version of the boss and decided to fight his inner counterpart, which was introduced in the last update.

Why is Isshin, The Sword Saint so difficult?

As befits the final boss in From Software's game, Isshin, The Sword Saint is very difficult to defeat. Fight with him is divided into three phases, which are preceded by a short clash with another opponent. So in total we have to survive four battles in one attempt. That's why the fight is so difficult. When it comes to Isshin himself, the most difficult seems to be the second phase. The boss has a sword, a gun (in feudal Japan!) and a long spear, which deals area damage. If you master his attack pattern in this phase, the end of the fight should not be too difficult. The inner Isshin that Atijohn fights has several additional attacks that must be learned.

Defeating Isshin alone is quite a challenge. However, winning with active debuffs is an art that requires mastering the boss' moveset pattern to perfection. Especially if you want to fight him day after day. Atijohn's skills have to be appreciated... although it's worth noting that he uses non-healing special items and Sakura Dance introduced in the aforementioned update - an extremely powerful (and impressive) attack that enables you to counter Isshin's more difficult attacks quite easily, especially the lightning bolts used by the boss in the final phase of the duel.

Atiyohn, and all of us, are still many days away from the release of Elden Eing. From Software may show off its new game at June's E3, which will probably be held online again, but for now it's just speculation. Last week some gameplay footage leaked online, which fans quickly put together and scaled up to a higher resolution, giving us a pretty solid trailer. It should be remembered, however, that although reliable, these are still just rumors and leaks. For official information, we will certainly need to wait a few more weeks.

Who knows, maybe by then Atijohn - or other players who will pick up on his idea - will decide to fight Isshin using only pairries... without any items... and blindfolded? The Reddit community has already suggested the latter. Atijohn has promised to take on the challenge.

Elden Ring was originally planned for release on PC, PS4 and XONE. The game's protracted development will likely bring PS5 and XSX versions as well. However, it is hard to guess whether the title will be released this year. What is certain is that the gaming industry needs good AAA productions.

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