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News video games 25 October 2020, 17:24

author: Musiol

Free Sekiro Update Adds New Game Mode and Costumes

Later this month Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice will receive a free update. It will introduce a new game mode and additional outfits for the main character.

  1. On October 28, an update will be coming for Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice.
  2. It will introduce a new game mode, additional costumes for the main character and the option to have a rematch with previously defeated bosses.

Later this month, we will get an update for Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, which will add a new game mode, outfits for the main character, the option to fight defeated bosses once again and share recordings of our plays.

With the release of the Game of the Year edition, the basic version of Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice will receive an update with new content. Thanks to the Reflection of Strength option we will be able to face the previously defeated bosses once again. Gauntlets of Strength will add a new game mode (boss rush), in which we will face new adversaries. For defeating them we will unlock additional skins for the main character.

From Software has also expanded social features in Sekiro. With the introduction of Remnants, we'll be able to share 20-second videos with other players with text commentary.

If you already own Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, you will get the aforementioned news for free. For those who have not yet started their adventure with the title from From Software, there is a new edition of the game - Game of the Year Edition.

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