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News video games 03 December 2021, 14:13

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Five-week Cycle of Events Begins in Path of Exile

This year is slowly coming to an end and on this occasion Grinding Gear Games has planned a series of events in Path of Exile. Players can expect many interesting and demanding challenges.

  1. On the occasion of the end of the year, Path of Exile will host six events, during which players will take on various challenges;
  2. The first of these - Endless Delve - began today. The end of the entire cycle is scheduled for January 10;
  3. In addition, the players will be able to earn items by following a broadcast on Twitch.

To celebrate the end of the year, the team at Grinding Gear Games has announced a series of events in Path of Exile (PC only). There are to be six in total and they will take place over the next five weeks.

Below you can find a general schedule of events. If you need more details, please visit the official forum.

  1. Endless Delve (December 3 - 13): during this event players will descend into the depths of the Azurite Mine. If you accept the challenge, you will have to go deeper and deeper into the mine and face increasing odds.
  2. Zizaran's Gauntlet (December 10 - 20): an event organized by the streamer, during which players will be tasked with accumulating points by completing levels and defeating bosses. The prizes to be won are sponsored by Zizaran and other streamers from the game's community.
  3. Endless Heist (December 17 - 27): this is a brand new mode, completely skipping the campaign. The main task of players will be to perform risky heists assisted by hired thieves. It is worth remembering that death will be equivalent to loss of loot.
  4. Atlas Invasion (December 24 - January 3): in this mode the players will encounter new bosses in every area of Wraeclast. The enemies will not be easy to defeat, but if the players manage to take them down, they will gain unique items.
  5. Delirium Everywhere (December 31 - January 10): Delirium Mists will shroud the entire land, making every area of the map more challenging and filled with enemies. This will be the perfect mode for players who like a good challenge... and want to get interesting items.
  6. Path of Exile: Royale featuring Brutus (December 9, 23, 30): battle royale mode returns to Path of Exile. However, it will be slightly modified. At some point, Brutus will appear in the middle of a safe zone on the map, whom the players will be able to battle or use to eliminate the competition.

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The developers have also released a trailer for the upcoming events. If you want to have a foretaste of what will take place in Path of Exile over the next five weeks, it's worth checking it out.

On the other hand, if you are not brave enough to take part in these events, no worries. It will also be possible to earn rewards by watching Twitch broadcasts. It is worth noting here that the so-called "twitch drops" will be available only during the first day of each event. You can read about the rewards for watching the streams here.

The end of this year promises to be incredibly interesting for the PC players of Path of Exile.

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