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News video games 03 February 2023, 15:21

Powerwash Simulator - Find Missing Wood Trim in Detached House

In this guide we provide the solution to the problem related to detached house and wood trims. With us you will clean up the location 100%.

PowerWash Simulator is an FPP simulation game, in which the main goal is to clean various places and objects with a power washer. In the case of the location and at the same time the mission - Clean the Detached House - wood trims may prove to be a problem in achieving the goal. If you are missing the last percent to get rid of the dirt completely, this guide may be useful for you.

PowerWash Simulator Detached House - missing wood trims

Very often, players who perform the task of cleaning the detached house, reach a stage where the game shows that they have gotten rid of 99% of the dirt. The big problem becomes finding that missing percentage, which is usually the last item that is not very visible.

It is quite possible that if you have found yourself in this situation, then you have not fully cleaned the wood trims. It is often possible to miss them, especially around garage doors. They are painted in a light color, so that the illumination that should help and point out dirty objects does not do its job in this case .

Powerwash Simulator - Find Missing Wood Trim in Detached House - picture #1

In addition, it is also worth noting the porch, and especially on the sides of this structure. There, too, there may be a situation in which the player does not notice that small traces of dirt remain. It is best to approach this methodically, focusing entirely on one segment of the building / object. If you hear a characteristic sound and you will see illumination, it means that you have fully removed the dirt from the area in question.

Players also happen to not very thoroughly clean the staircase at the porch and garage, as well as the roof of the building itself.

Tips on how to clean the detached house in PowerWash Simulator

Although the task does not seem complicated, very often there may be a situation in which you have missed something. Familiarize yourself with our tips so you don't miss anything:

  1. It's a good idea to crouch/crawl in the game - some objects may be dirty from underneath. There's a good chance you'll miss it if you don't crouch low enough when cleaning wood trims, among other things.
  2. Find out what you are targeting - In the upper left corner of the screen there is information that tells you what you are currently cleaning and the level of cleaning of that thing. This is quite useful. Especially since it will help you achieve a 100% cleanliness rate of the location.

PowerWash Simulator: check the progress on the tablet.

Sometimes it can happen that it is not the wood trims that were dirty, but another object. If you are not sure about this, it's a good idea to turn on the "details" option in the game on your tablet. This is where you will get information about which element has not yet been thoroughly cleaned and how much of it is left on the map.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

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