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News video games 07 August 2022, 13:36

author: Adrian Werner

Work on Project Windless Begins in Earnest

The owner of PUBG will remake iconic Korean fantasy novels into a high-budget video game. The publisher announced that work on Project Windless has started in earnest.

Krafton, known mainly as the publisher of PUBG: Battlegrounds and the studio responsible for it, announced, that work on Project Windless has started in full swing. We first heard about the game last year, but at that time it was only at the conceptual stage.

  1. The game is based on The Bird That Drinks Tears, a popular series of Korean fantasy novels written by Yeongdo Lee.
  2. For now, it is not known which studios are working on the project. Recall that Krafton owns such teams as PUBG Studios, Bluehole Studio, Striking Distance Studios and Unknown Worlds.
  3. This will be a high-budget game, and Krafton is confident that the brand is likely to gain popularity worldwide. The publisher is so confident that it has plans to adapt the series for other media as well.
  4. Assisting in the work is Iain McCaig, an American concept artist who has created visuals for such Hollywood brands as Harry Potter, The Avengers, Terminator, or Star Wars. In a commentary he expressed his admiration for The Bird That Drinks Tears, stating that it is an epic story comparable to The Lord of the Rings and Dune.
  5. Krafton specializes in online games, but The Bird That Drinks Tears will most likely be a single-player title. The company as it is currently looking for a producer who has experience overseeing work on high-budget singleplayer games with an open world.
Work on Project Windless Begins in Earnest - picture #1

When the first details were announced last year the was dubbed the "The Korean Witcher". One of the reasons why CD Projekt RED studio's trilogy conquered the world was the Slavic atmosphere, distinguishing these productions from typical fantasy titles. Project Windless wants to do the same, only with Korean folklore. Both also feature interactive adaptations of novels that are wildly popular in their home countries, but relatively unknown around the world

Recall that The Bird That Drinks Tears is a series consisting of four books, the publication of which began in 2003. The story is set in a fantasy universe, inhabited by humans and three other intelligent races that derive from Asian mythologies. The series proved to be a huge hit in Korea and lived to see an eight-volume sequel in the form of The Bird That Drinks Blood. Author Yeongdo Lee has gained recognition not only for his interesting universe. His stories are ambiguous in terms of morality and often force the reader to ask themselves hard questions.

  1. Project Windless - official website
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