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News hardware & software 15 May 2019, 00:26

author: Michael Kulakowski

Long-awaited Functions Coming Soon to PS4

According to the rumors, in the upcoming firmware updates PlayStation 4 will receive further long-awaited options, such as buying gifts for friends from PlayStation Store and viewing our activity log on the console.

More than five years have passed since the launch of PlayStation 4. Although Sony regularly releases successive versions of console firmware, they rarely make significant changes, mostly limited to increasing the system "stability", which has already become a joke among gamers. According to one of the proven PlayStation informants, who posts on Twitter under the nickname Tidux, the console should receive new and expected options in the near future.

Long-awaited Functions Coming Soon to PS4 - picture #1
It's been five and a half year since the launch. Sony regularly releases successive hardware OS versions, which usually only improve stability of its operation.

The most important of these will be the ability to buy gifts from PlayStation Store for our friends. We will also be able to create our personalized wish list.Although it is already available in the browser version of the shop, without the possibility to browse through the items it does not play a practical role. Platform users will also be able to start tracking the time spent with each application and game installed on the console and find out what else they need to do to meet the requirements for certain trophies. This data will be stored in the activity log, which is known to e.g. Nintendo console owners. We also get the ability to pin favorite titles to the console main menu. As a result, we will no longer be condemned to automatic sorting of our games.

These changes are not revolutionary, but fans have been demanding them for a long time (in the case of gift shopping, we are talking about PlayStation 3 era). Tidux did not mention when exactly we should expect the novelties. The latest firmware version is currently marked with the number 6.51.

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