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News video games 23 August 2017, 15:15

author: luckie

Quake Champions available in Early Access

Quake Champions is now available in Steam Early Access - you can either wait until the full game is out and playable for free or buy a $30-worth Champions Pack to jump in immediately.

Quake Champions has already launched in Steam Early Access, where it is going to stay at least until early 2018. The game will ultimately be free-to-play, but if you want to play it now you must buckle up $29.99 for the so-called Champions Pack. Apart from the early access pass, the pack grants all current and future champions, extra loot chests, an exclusive skin, and the option to play in custom games. During the early access period Champions Pack is available at a reduced price, which is going to rise after the full release.

Moreover, the early access update adds another champion: Doom Slayer, able to tear enemies apart with his bare hands. It also introduced new skins for all characters and some weapons, the Continuous Play option (players automatically migrate to a new match lobby unless they opt out for going back to the main menu), two new maps, voice chat, in-game shop and more. See the entire list of changes on the game’s Steam page.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions

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