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News video games 30 June 2022, 13:18

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Ready or Not With the Biggest Update to Date

Void Interactive, responsible for the tactical shooter Ready or Not, has just released the biggest update for the game, containing over 500 fixes of various kinds.

It seems that the dust raised by the recent controversy over the disappearance of Ready or Not from Steam, has settled for good (more information on this topic can be found here). Life goes on, players are happy, birds are chirping and Void Interactive is releasing the latest and biggest update to its flagship product.

The update contains over 500 minor and major improvements. In connection with the release of such an extensive patch Void also released a video showing some of the elements that have been added to the popular shooter (you can watch it below).

The list of improvements is impressive. The developers gave the players, among others, new maps, weapons, missions, as well as improved elements of the environment, which will interact with characters.

Update to Ready or Not - list of changes:

  1. Added drafts for three new maps:

“A Lethal Obsession” — Ridgeline

“A former USIA analyst has a warrant for his arrest over the suspected murder of five police officers in Makade County, Greater Los Suenos. Gerard Scott, 55, waited out the front of East Makade Police Department with a loaded mini-14 after setting a car alight on the street in front of the department. He then shot at officers while they attempted to extinguish the alighted vehicle. Witnesses on the street reported his vehicle as he drove away.”

“Relapse” — Hospital

“Retaliating for the actions of the [REDACTED] shooting, remnants of “the Hand” go after the lone surviving active shooter, now placed under police supervision in the Coastal Grove Medical Center ICU.”

“The Spider” — Agency

“Seized data-center assets point to the owner operating in one of the poorest neighborhoods: The Row. SWAT have been deployed to serve a search warrant on the Brixley Talent Time to assist with investigations into an illicit pornography ring."

  1. Fabric physics have been added to some levels.
  2. Infrared strobes and reflective patches have been added to SWAT uniforms and helmets.
  3. Added new helmets with improved details and modeling.
  4. New stationary vehicles added.
  5. Added interaction with vehicles: you can shoot off side mirrors, smash and shoot out windshields, puncture tires, lowering the car slightly.
  6. Vehicles as cover are safest behind the wheels and engine block.
  7. Destructible props have been added.
  8. The final versions of "Neon Tomb" - Club and "Valley of The Dolls" - Valley was introduced.
  9. Many bug fixes.

We would like to point out that this is only a small part of the content of the biggest patch in the history of the game. If you are curious about the rest of the new content of this update, take a look here.

At the very end it is worth mentioning that until July 7 you can buy Ready or Not on Steam with a 10% discount.

Ready or Not

Ready or Not

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