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News video games 30 June 2022, 13:11

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Here's What Next Civilization Can Learn From Humankind

Civilization players are speculating about what should appear in the next game. They took the gameplay in Humankind as a basis for discussion, a game that approaches some elements much better.

Fans of Civilization 6 are increasingly speculating about what they will see in the next installment of the series. This time they based their guesses on what's in another 4X strategy - Humankind. They pointed out the game's features executed significantly better than Firaxis' title.

Here's what Humankind does better

As you may have guessed, the list does not end with three items. Civilization fans see a lot of room for introducing new, diversifying gameplay features in their beloved strategy. For example by drawing some inspiration from Humankind.

  • The most frequently cited feature of Amplitude Studios' games is that the map has multiple types of terrain. In Civilization we have only flat surfaces (with a variant of uplands) and mountains. The variety of terrain, of course, affects the movement of units or the possibility of building a given territory.
  • A problematic feature in Civilization is, according to many players, the combat. While the beginnings may seem the same, as we move to different eras Humankind offers much more room. Battles can take place on a larger scale, and terrain and unit management are also important factors.
  • Players have also pointed out that in Humankind we start out the gameplay as a nomadic community. This is the phase in which the player must focus on obtaining food, collecting goods, or exploring the map and choosing a place to set up their main base.
  • According to some Civilization could also use differentiation of the effects of strategic and luxury goods and resources.
  • Also the vassal system present in Humankind came up as a suggestion. Players brought it up mainly in terms of multiplayer gameplay, where instead of completely eliminating someone from the game, you can reap financial benefits from them.

The perfect 4X game

There are, of course, many more suggestions. However, it is impossible not to get the impression that the players, listing all the pros and cons of Civilization and Humankind, are actually coming close to creating the their own perfect 4X title (although this one would probably still find its opponents).

Speaking of a game close to perfection, it's worth mentioning that Civilization 6 itself is far from perfect. That's why numerous mods are being created for the game, which significantly improve some aspects. We recommend some mods that should appear as basic features in the next installment of Civilization here.

At the very end it is also worth mentioning Ara: History Untold, announced during Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. We do not know much about the game, although we can expect that it will not repeat the formula of Civilization formula and will bring something new to the 4X genre.

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