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News video games 08 January 2021, 13:26

author: Bart Swiatek

Roblox Devs are Worth More Than CD Projekt, Ubisoft or Take-Two

The value of Roblox Corporation - responsible for the mobile hit Roblox - is estimated at USD 29.5 billion. That's more than the value of entities such as Ubisoft, Take-Two or CD Projekt.


  1. Roblox Corporation is worth $29.5 billion - more than CD Projekt, Ubisoft or Take-Two;
  2. The studio has so far created only one game - Roblox - which become a hit mainly on mobile devices.

Businesswire reports that Roblox Corporation - responsible for the unusual production called Roblox, which is a platform for users to create their own games - is already worth 29.5 billion dollars. This is more than Take-Two, Ubisoft or CD Projekt.

Roblox Corporation is currently one of the best-valued dev companies in the gaming industry - only such giants as Electronic Arts ($34.34 billion), Nintendo ($53.73 billion), Activision Blizzard ($56.27 billion) and Tencent (the Chinese co-owner of Riot Games and Epic Games is currently worth 69 billion dollars).

Interestingly, at the beginning of 2020, Roblox Corporation was valued at $4 billion - as you can see, the growth rate is very impressive. The source of the company's success is its only game so far, the title included in the name of the corporation. Roblox has gathered a huge community around it, with an average of 31 million people logging on to servers every day. The game is most popular on mobile devices, with 159.6 million users on Google Play and App Store platforms since 2014.

  1. Roblox - official website


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