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News video games 25 May 2022, 16:59

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Sniper Elite 5 Reviews - Better Than Predecessors, but Not Perfect

The first reviews suggest that Sniper Elite 5 is a successful sequel. However, more stealth and exploration, nicer locations and impressive „finishers” are once again left to cover for poor storyline and unbalanced enemy AI.

First reviews of Sniper Elite 5 have appeared online. Most of the scores are 8s. There are also a few 7s and 9s; there is also no shortage of slightly more extreme notes - both positive and negative. This means that the fifth installment of the sniper game series from Rebellion can be considered as a decent game.

However, the changes implemented in it do not necessarily meet the expectations of all fans of the series. Before we discuss them, I recommend that you read our review (link below) and take a look at the ratings given by some of the industry media.

Sniper Elite 5 - selected reviews

  • GameGrin - 10/10 (PC)
  • Shacknews - 9/10 (PC)
  • GamingTrend - 85/100 (PC)
  • God is a Geek - 8.5/10 (PS5)
  • - 8/10 (PC)
  • - 8/10 (PS5)
  • EGM - 4/5 (PC)
  • - 78/100 (XSX)
  • IGN - 70/100 (XSX)
  • TechRaptor - 7/10 (PS5)
  • Twinfinite - 3/5 (XOne)
  • Gfinity - 4/10 (PS5)
  • Average Rating ( - 81/100 (out of 23 reviews)

An even quieter sniper

The biggest change is even greater emphasis on stealth and silent elimination of enemies than in prequel. Certainly not everyone will like it, but fortunately not everyone has to. Nothing stands in the way of grabbing a machine gun and then killing enemies without playing cat-and-mouse with them.

Regardless of your style of play, the photogrammetric locations are worth spending some time in because they're simply gorgeous. Most reviewers were pleased with both the visuals - although it's easy to run into bugs - and clever design. The maps are meant to encourage exploration and discovering passages and various kinds of collectibles.

A patchwork

It's fair to say that sneaking is the default way to play - but it can be frustrating. Reviewers complain, for example, about the sharp eyesight of enemy snipers, who can spot the protagonist from far away. What's interesting is that the enemies are clearly long-sighted, because they have a problem with seeing the player from a closer distance. This can cause a fair amount of frustration (fortunately, the slow motion kills partially make up for it).

The same is true of short and rather poorly told story. It can supposedly be completed in about twelve hours. It wouldn't be a bad thing if it stirred curiosity, but - just like in Sniper Elite 4 - it doesn't. The characters are supposedly written very poorly, and as a result, they do not evoke emotions in the player (unless they are negative) nor are they memorable.

Sniper's good, but not perfect

Still, the multitude of gameplay options - both offline and online - make the story mode's shortcomings easy to put aside. It can be a little harder to ignore the extremely small number of sniper rifles - just six - but, knowing how thing go, more will be made available as paid DLCs.

Whether or not they'll be worth buying, can be checked for relatively little money. Sniper Elite 5 will be released tomorrow on PC, PS4, PS5, XOne and XSX/S; simultaneously it will be available on the PC/Xbox Game Pass service.

Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5

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