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Not Just State of Play; Sony Will Also Appear at Summer Game Fest in June

Michael Zegar, 31 May 2022, 21:48

The list of publishers whose games we will see during Summer Game Fest 2022 has been revealed. Among them there are Sony, Xbox, Bloober Team and many others. It is possible that during this event we will see God of War Ragnarok.

Great Conflicts Now in Crusader Kings 3; New Expansion Launches

Michael Zegar, 31 May 2022, 21:35

The Fate of Iberia expansion for Crusader Kings III has just debuted. It adds, among others, struggles which simulate gigantic, hundreds of years long conflicts. Along with it there is a free update 1.6.

Games With Gold for June 2022 Includes Two Good Strateg Titles

Agnes Adamus, 31 May 2022, 21:32

Microsoft has shared the game titles that Xbox console users will receive as part of its Games with Gold offering in June 2022.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Release Date Revealed

Jacob Blazewicz, 31 May 2022, 21:30

Crypto will annoy more than just the KGB. The space invader from Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed may also get into trouble with the new gang from Saints Row.

Game Pass for Early June 2022 - AC Origins Comes, GreedFall Goes

Agnes Adamus, 31 May 2022, 20:59

We've learned the list of games coming to PC and Xbox Game Pass in the first half of June. Among the games joining the offer we can find For Honor and Assassin's Creed Origins. However, GreedFall and Darkest Dungeon will disappear from the service.

New Sniper: Ghost Warrior is in the Pipeline

Jacob Blazewicz, 31 May 2022, 17:03

CI Games is preparing another installment of Sniper: Ghost Warrior after the success of the second spin-off.

My Time at Sandrock - Stamina; How to Restore and Increase It

Agnes Adamus, 31 May 2022, 14:40

This message contains information about stamina in My Time at Sandrock. You will learn how to increase its maximum value and how to recover it when it runs out.

France Localizes Gaming Terminology; English Terms Banned

Sonia Selerska, 31 May 2022, 13:52

The French Ministry of Culture proposes its own terms to replace English borrowings of the video game world.

Hardspace Shipbreaker - How to Depressurize Safely

Adam Adamczyk, 31 May 2022, 13:47

An important mechanic in Hardspace: Shipbreaker is the depressurization of ships. In this guide you will learn how to safely perform it.

Stairs No Longer a Problem; Devs Improve V Rising and Consider Full Version

Adrian Werner, 31 May 2022, 13:11

Patch 0.5.41591 for V Rising has been released. It introduces a number of awaited bug fixes and additional graphic configuration options.

Castle-building Game for Townscaper Fans is Coming

Przemyslaw Dygas, 31 May 2022, 13:03

An independent developer is working on a game that should appeal to Townscaper fans. It will enable us to build charming castles.

The World's Biggest Video Game Archive is Being Created

Kamil Kleszyk, 31 May 2022, 13:00

Swedish game publisher Embracer Group has announced that it is creating a giant archive, in which 50,000 video games and related accessories have already already collected.

CoD Launch on Game Pass? It's Complicated

Przemyslaw Dygas, 31 May 2022, 12:31

We will have to wait for the release of the new Call of Duty in Game Pass. The brand is still bound by contracts with Sony.

Soulslike and Baldur's Gate Combined; Alaloth Gameplay Trailer

Przemyslaw Dygas, 31 May 2022, 12:29

Isometric RPG Alaloth received a new gameplay trailer. Looks like we can expect another game for fans of the classic Baldur's Gate-like experience.

Iron Harvest Lives; New Single-player Mode Announced

Adrian Werner, 31 May 2022, 10:54

King Art Games has announced that Iron Harvest will soon receive an update with an extensive new mode for single player gameplay.