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Sons of the Forest Guide

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Sons of the forest Interactive Map Sons of the forest

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Sons of the forest Interactive Map
Sons of the forest
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Sons of the Forest: Interactive Map Sons of the Forest guide, tips

On interactive map for Sons of the Forest you will find all the caves, food & drink, natives, tools, weapons, animals. The map is based on the game after patch 07.

Last update: 30 June 2023

On this page of Sons of The Forest guide, you will find an interactive world map. It contains the most important locations and places with rare resources. The map will be four times bigger than the one in The Forest. You can also find it at


In all, there are 10 cave locations on the island - a successful expedition to one of these can result in a lot of useful crafting ingredients. Sometimes, you may come across unique items, such as a rope gun, rebreather or shovel . Some caves also hide bunker entrances. Make sure to be on your guard, as you may encounter mutants. Caves are dark - it is worth equipping yourself with a light source, such as a torch, flare, or flashlight.

Cannibal Camps

There are more than 30 cannibal camps on the island. It pays off to know their approximate location in order to avoid running into enemies or placing the base too close to them. After clearing such a camp, you'll come across many useful crafting ingredients, such as ropes, tape, or wire.

Abandoned Camps

The island hides as many as 30 Abandoned Camps, which offer a place to spend the night, save the game, and collect supplies in form of food and medicine. Sometimes, you may encounter items such as Can Opener, clothes, ammunition, Printer Resin, and other useful crafting materials.

Digging Spots

There are 3 digging locations in the game where you will find hatches to underground bunkers. To start digging, you need a shovel, which can be found in caves. Exploration of bunkers often yield useful weapons, such as Revolver or Compound Bow.

Disaster Spots

These are starting locations, and there are 3 of them. The starting location is chosen randomly at the start of each game. Check out the map to find them all.

The remaining Disaster Spots are worth the trip, as you'll often find useful materials there, such as food and ammunition.

GPS Locators

The dead members of the helicopter crew often leave GPS Locators on their bodies. These devices are used to mark targets and areas on the map. Other uses include giving the locator to Virginia, so you'll always know her position on the map.

Hunting Sites

We've marked 30 different Hunting Sites on the map, perfect for game hunting. There are different Sites for each animal, among the types we have Deer, Turtle, Fish, Moose, or Seagull. There are also Shark hunting sites.

Points of Interest

There are 8 Points of Interest to find on the island. These take different forms, such as cave entrances, bunkers, crashed planes, or weaponry. Marked Points of Interest coincide with the green symbols on the map of the GPS Locator.


Loot areas mean useful items hidden in chests, boats, or simply lying on the ground. These take form of crafting ingredients, weapons, as well as clothes, and food.


We've marked the location where you can find Binoculars. Binoculars are perfect for observing individual areas from a safe distance.

Can Openers

Can Openers can be found in 3 different locations. Without this item, you cannot collect the contents of cans. Once a can is opened, you receive Cat Food which can be used to satisfy hunger.

Compound Bow

The Compound Bow is a unique weapon found in only one location. It is superior to Crafted Bow and is perfect for hunting as well as combat against enemies. You cannot craft it.


There are 2 locations where you can find the Crucifix. This is a special weapon that is dedicated to combating demons. This item is unique, which means only one can be found. If you collect it once, it disappears from other locations.

Golden Armor

Another unique item, getting it is one of the mandatory steps to completing the main storyline. Same as with the Golden Mask, you'll find it in one of the bunkers.


In the island area, there are as much as 40 graves that can be dug using a shovel. Once the process is complete, you'll get access to a treasure in form of various crafting ingredients. One of the graves will contain GPS Locator and Shotgun.

Hang Glider

There are 10 Hang Glider locations around the island. These can be used as means of transport which will allow you to reach remote locations safely. Knowing a location of a Hang Glider is very useful when you are pursued and want to escape safely.


We have marked the locations of the VIP Card, Maintenance Card, and Guest Keycard on the above map. Obtaining all 3 of keycards is a pre-requisite to continue with the storyline - finding them will require a bit of effort.


The Katana is a unique weapon and can only be found in 1 place, specifically the bunker where the Golden Armor is also located. This weapon is great for melee combat, as it destroys the opponent much faster than clubs or spears.

Rope Gun

A unique item found in one of the caves. Rope Gun is used to facilitate exploration while visiting caves. Thanks to it, you will have an easier time exploring hard-to-reach areas. To work, the device needs grappling hooks, which can be crafted by the player or found on the island.


A unique weapon - only one appears on the entire island. It doesn't do that much damage as expected from a unique weapon, but it uses small rocks as ammunition, and these can be found almost everywhere.


The shovel is one of the basic items to have while playing Sons of the Forest. Thanks to it, you will be able to dig out bunker hatches, which often contain the so-needed keycards. To get a shovel, you'll need to have Rope Gun and Rebreather already. View the map to find their expected locations.


This unique weapon is found in one of the grave locations - you'll need a shovel to be able to dig them. Shotgun is a very powerful firearm, invaluable when fighting enemies . It deals a lot of damage but remember it requires ammunition to work - make sure to save up some for harder expeditions e.g. visiting caves. There are 2 types of Shotgun ammo: Slug and Buckshot.


There is only one Rebreather location on the island - in a cave in the north-western part of the map. The item allows saying underwater, unlocking previously unavailable underwater locations. Getting the Rebreather is the first step towards obtaining a Shovel.


To find the location of the Revolver, consult the map. It is found in one of the bunkers, but to dig out the entrance hatch, you'll need a Shovel. Revolver requires 9mm rounds, which are found in various locations in the world, most of the time in abandoned camps and caves.

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