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News Files and Mods 11 December 2022, 21:48

author: Adrian Werner

Stardew Valley Fan Added Option to Earn as Chef

The agricultural RPG Stardew Valley has received a modification that enables you to work as a cook.

Despite being more than six years old, the agricultural RPG Stardew Valley is still very popular. Only yesterday, at the hottest moment of the day, the game was played by 27 thousand cconcurrent users on Steam. On PC, mods play a big role in keeping interest in the game high. Not a week goes by without the release of some interesting fan project. A fresh example of this is the mod called Restauranteer, which enables you to work at a restaurant.

The mod is activated at the end of the event in which we achieve five hearts in a relationship with Gus, the owner of The Stardrop Saloon in Pelican Town. He then mentions that he could use another cook.

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Stardew Valley Fan Added Option to Earn as Chef - picture #1
Source: aedenthorn.

The job requires serving customers the ordered dishes, usually being the character's favorite. Our employer provides the ingredients, so the cooking menu automatically includes all the items needed to make any order.

The latest version of Restauranteer bears the number 0.8.1. Nevertheless the project is already fully functional and bug-free, so you can install it without any worries.

Restauranteer is altogether a small, but very nice modification that diversifies life in the virtual town. Its author is aedenthorn, who has to his credit many other popular modifications of the game, such as Multiple Spouses, Mobile Phone, Underground Secrets or Boss Creatures.

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