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News video games 15 June 2021, 17:54

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Starfield is „Skyrim in Space” and „Han Solo Simulator”

„Skyrim in space” and „Han Solo simulator” - these are the terms used by Bethesda's Todd Howard to describe Starfield. He also assured that it will be a „hardcore RPG” that will give the players hundreds of hours of fun.

  1. Todd Howard has shared information on Starfield in interviews with American newspapers;
  2. Bethesda's chief executive producer compared the game to "Skyrim in space" and "Han Solo simulator";
  3. Howard also confirmed dual perspective (TPP and FPP) and expanded character creator, which is supposed to be one of the elements thanks to which Starfield will be "a little more hardcore" than Bethesda's previous projects;
  4. Unfortunately, actual gameplay footage will appear "closer to release".

Footage from highly anticipated games is just part of E3 2021, and after boisterous trailers and announcements, developers are finally able to share information on projects that have previously existed exclusively as titles. The crowning example here is Starfield, because after long years without any details Bethesda reveals more and more about the upcoming game. Another portion of facts was revealed by Todd Howard in interviews with newspapers such as The Telegraph and The Washington Post.

  1. E3 2021 Center on

Starfield is to be "the most hardcore RPG" in developer's history, with an extensive character creation system (including the ability to choose our character's origin) and some "very old school" Bethesda features. Howard and lead artist Istvan Pely have described the game's retrofuturistic style as "NASA-punk", a bit closer to reality than the fairytale visions of Star Wars or Star Trek. At the same time, the universe of Starfield will be more reminiscent of modern reality than scientific predictions about "what we'll see in 300 years" so that the players do not feel alienated all the time (although we can expect some more "exotic" accents as well).

As for the gameplay, the company will present it "closer to the release", which is still almost 1.5 years away. For now, Todd Howard only revealed that Starfield is supposed to provide hundreds of hours of fun, and the game will include both FPP and TPP modes. Speaking with The Washington Post, Bethesda's CEO described the project as "a Han Solo simulator" and "Skyrim in space", suggesting that the title won't be completely unlike the company's previous projects. The presence of other intelligent races was also confirmed, and here we can also count on a more realistic approach.

Starfield will launch on November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X/S. Let's also mention that the devs of the game will participate in Xbox Games Showcase: Extended, the "director's" edition of Microsoft's recent presentation. So it's possible that we'll soon find out even more about Starfield.

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