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News video games 18 August 2022, 15:36

author: Sonia Selerska

Steam Will Summarize Your Gaming Year

A Steam summary of your gaming year is likely to appear in just a few months, on the occasion of Steam Winter Sale 2022. The creator of SteamDB has found interesting information in Valve's platform code.

Many of us at the end of each year have a habit of thinking about the most important passions we have cultivated over the past 12 months and often share our experiences and achievements with others. If you've ever wondered how much time you've spent on PC gaming over the past 365 days, you'll probably soon have a chance to find out.

According to Pavel Djundik, creator of SteamDB, Valve is going to create a summary of the year on Steam. His Twitter post shows that the relevant functions, counting such data, are already in the website's code and will most likely be made available to users during this year's Steam Winter Sale.

What will we find out in the summary?

The data found by Djundik includes several separate categories of stats:

  1. Total playing time,
  2. gaming time in VR,
  3. time playing on Steam Deck,
  4. time playing on a controller,
  5. time played on individual operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux),
  6. total number of gameplay sessions,
  7. number of gameplay sessions in VR,
  8. number of gameplay sessions on Steam Deck,
  9. number of gameplay sessions on the controller,
  10. number of sessions on each operating system.

These categories do not show a breakdown to specific games, genres or our gaming habits, as was pointed out by commenters on Reddit, but it is worth remembering that by the time of Steam's winter sale, the system may be expanded.

Steam Will Summarize Your Gaming Year - picture #1

What is the Steam year summary for?

With the information found by Djundik, commenters on Twitter and Reddit expressed unanimous approval of Valve's idea.

Reddit user kentonj notes the correlation between the release of the summary and the launch of Steam Deck, and the marketing potential associated with it:

"This is a great move by Valve. It's about to show me how much more I actually play now that I can play anywhere. Buyer confidence is about to experience an all-time high. 'Look at all those hours of entertainment, the steamdeck has already paid for itself'," he said.

On a more humorous note, some users express concern about seeing the actual time spent on certain titles and expect "boring" results, looking at the number of categories dedicated to Valve's console, VR or various operating systems.

This is nevertheless good news, which can guarantee eager users an insight into their habits and a chance to reflect on the past months. Will you be waiting for Steam's year-end summary?

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