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News video games 01 February 2019, 14:16

author: AlexB

Steel Rats Gets a Demo

Steel Rats, the game from the developers of Kao the Kangaroo, has just got a demo version that can be downloaded on Steam and GOG.

Have you ever dreamt of being a member of a retrofuturistic motorcycle gang and fighting against robots in the streets of a gloomy metropolis? For the last three months you have had such an opportunity thanks to Steel Rats, a 2.5D platformer developed by Polish team at Tate Multimedia, known, for example, from the Kao the Kangaroo series. Although a lot of gameplays and reviews have appeared on the web since the game’s release, for some it may have been insufficient to decide whether to buy the game. That's why the developers prepared a demo version of the game. You can download it on Steam or GOG by clicking on the links below.

Additionally, the creators prepared a special trailer for the demo version, which introduces the characteristic gameplay elements of Steel Rats, such as dynamic battles with robots, platforming elements resembling a bit of the Trials series or the iconic Elasto Mania and the possibility to choose one of four different characters offering different skills. The trailer can be seen below.

If you like the demo of Steel Rats, Steam and GOG are currently offering a discount on the full version. Until February 14 you can buy it on both platforms as much as 50% cheaper, for $9.99.

Steel Rats Gets a Demo - picture #1
Bikes and shotguns. What more could one ask for?

What’s more, Steel Rats got a considerable update recently. It improves and modifies some gameplay elements. The changes include reducing the maximum speed of motorcycles, improving the vehicle physics, increasing the damage inflicted by some enemies or adding tutorial reminders. In addition, the developers fixed a number of bugs. You can read more about the content of the patch here.

Steel Rats Gets a Demo - picture #2
Steel Rats is all about crazy stunts.

If you prefer to play such games on a console, we remind you that Steel Rats is also available on PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the said version has not received a demo (although, as promised by the creators, this will change soon) and has not been covered in the promo offer. It's worth mentioning that in the coming months the title will also be released on Xbox One.

Steel Rats

Steel Rats

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