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News video games 18 January 2023, 11:22

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Stellaris: First Contact Announced; New Options for 'Stone Age' Nations

The First Contact expansion is coming to Stellaris. In addition to introducing additional interaction opportunities involving underdeveloped civilizations, it may turn the game into a... stealth title.

New DLC for the space strategy game Stellaris has just been announced. First Contact will be a story expansion that will focus on alien civilizations at a lower level of technological development. Below you can watch a short teaser of the DLC published by the developers.

Unfortunately, the video does not reveal much details about First Contact - not even an approximate release date. All we know is that the DLC will be available with an update numbered 3.7 and named Canis Minor. The teaser itself, meanwhile, shows a crowd of representatives of the alien civilizations that will be the main course of the expansion. According to the developers from Paradox Interactive:

"Story Pack First Contact focuses on the experiences of pre-FTL civilizations, both from the point of view of themselves and their observers. Observation has been transformed with a new and improved system that deals with civilization awareness, diplomacy and espionage. Observation of civilizations that have not been warped by the galaxy as a whole makes it possible to gain new information."

Stellaris: First Contact will thus offer new mechanics strictly related to options for interacting with the civilizations encountered. And while there is very little information about the expansion, you may be interested in the description of the Kingdom of Yondarim, and more specifically, the origin of the creatures living there, as seen in the following screenshot from the DLC's card on Steam.

Stellaris: First Contact Announced; New Options for Stone Age Nations - picture #1


Also of interest is the cloaking technology that is expected to arrive in Stellaris along with the new DLC. Not only will it be possible to spy on less advanced civilizations with it, but not-so-peaceful aliens will use invisible ships against the player. So will it turn the game into a stealth strategy? More details about this novelty are expected to be revealed soon.

First Contact can be added to your wish lists on Steam. It is worth noting that it is a nonstandalone DLC, so it will require the basic version of Stellaris.

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