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News video games 06 December 2016, 14:31

author: luckie

Stellaris gets a free Horizon Signal DLC and 1.4 update

Not happy about Stellaris' poor mid-game content? Then you will be glad to know Paradox are doing their best to fix it. For starters, they released a free DLC called Horizon Signal, which introduces a brand new storyline.

As promised, Paradox Interactive released a free DLC for their latest sci-fi 4X strategy game Stellaris, called Horizon Signal. The add-on introduces a new storyline by Sunless Sea writer Alexis Kennedy. In it, your empire receives a mysterius signal from outer space, the source of which you have to investigate. Here is a story teaser trailer:

Accompanying the Horizon Signal free DLC is the 1.4 update, dubbed Kennedy, which brings along a host of bug fixes and balance tweaks. It also adds plenty of new events and challenges as well as changes the way the extradimensionals work. You can go through all changes on Paradox forums.

It’s good to see that Paradox really are expanding Stellaris. According to most reviews and player opinions, this is a very good strategy game, engaging the player from the start. The problem is, the original version was troubled by boring mid-game – as our reviewer noted, it could use more content, as there were moments when nothing would happen. With more free add-ons like Horizon Signal, however, players will surely find reasons to get back to the game and enjoy it for many more hours.

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