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News video games 11 October 2016, 15:46

author: luckie

Stellaris: Leviathans release date revealed; coming along with 1.3 patch

Next week will be a good one for fans of Stellaris. Not only will they be able to buy the Leviathan expansion, but they will also get a free 1.3 patch dubbed Heinlein.

Paradox Interacive’s space strategy Stellaris is going to receive the Leviathans Story Pack on October 20, 2016. Along with that comes a big update, 1.3 patch dubbed Heinlein, informed Paradox on Steam.

Leviathans Story Pack is going to introduce a new threat to the galaxy along with new events, encounters and options. The War in Heaven storyline will put your empire between two ancient Fallen Empires warring against each other. “Will you err on the side of caution and take a side with the stronger power, or will you strike at both whilst they are occupied with their own titanic struggle?” – this is the question posed in the official description. This paid expansion will be priced at $9.99. You can pre-purchase it in the publisher’s store.

On the other hand, Heinlein 1.3 patch is going to be available for free for all Stellaris owners. The key additions in the update are: a convenient auto-explore feature, rally points for your navy, the expansion planner interface, overhauled strategic resources, clearer specialization/role for ship types, more options for customizing new galaxies, and new smarter sector governors.

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