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News video games 02 September 2019, 15:05

author: Adrian Werner

Subverse - Erotic Game Without Early Access After All

The erotic game Subverse will not be released in Steam early access. Soon the closed beta of the project will debut.

The game raised almost 1.7 million pounds on Kickstarter.

An update appeared on the kickstarter page of the erotic game Subverse, in which the devs informed about abandoning the plans to release the game in early access. Since the end of the fundraiser, the team at FOW Interactive has employed several industry veterans and their advice have convinced the studio managers to change their publishing strategy.

According to the devs, early access is best suited for multiplayer games, and Subverse is set for a rich story mode for a single player. In addition, Early Access extends production time by requiring regular updates. So resigning from it will speed up the work.

This decision will not affect the closed beta. It will be made available on September 28, this year to those who have supported the Kickstarter project with a minimum of 75 pounds. This way Subverse will be tested over 4.5 thousand people in total, so the devs will get valuable feedback from the players even without early access.

The kickstarter update also included information about the Pandora system. As part of the project, sending subordinates to missions will be rewarded with points that we will spend on the tree of sexual activity, allowing for intimate contact with the captain of the ship (the player character), with other subordinates and beasts bred for this purpose. In addition, there will be different categories of activities, and after adding a selected character, the game will generate an erotic sequence.

Subverse is coming to PC only for the time being and will remain so, because it is doubtful that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony would agree to let this type of game on their platforms. Interestingly enough, the interest in the game is enormous. It is currently the thirteenth most anticipated production in the world ranking of Steam's wish list.

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