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News video games 07 March 2023, 13:46

author: Jacob Blazewicz

New Game From Shadowrun RPG Devs Looks Like a Mix of XCOM and Commandos

Harebrained Schemes appeared at the Paradox Interactive Showcase with a trailer for a brand new game: The Lamplighters League. The title is headed to Game Pass.

Harebrained Schemes is back with a new project. During the Paradox Interactive Showcase the creators of the Shadowrun trilogy and BattleTech have announced The Lamplighters League. The first trailer for the game can be watched below.

The game will be set in an alternate reality of the 1930s, in which a tyrannical cult called the Banished Court has existed for millennia. The villains wishing to take over the world are hindered only by the titular organization, composed of the greatest heroes the world has seen.

Unfortunately, the league has already run out of the best of the best, so that now the organization has to reach out to the slightly worse. Therefore, the team we will lead during tactical skirmishes will consist of various freaks, villains and various individuals that no self-respecting hero would like to be seen with.

In addition to the trailer, the developers also released a short gameplay from The Lamplighters League with commentary. An announcement on Paradox Interactive's official website reveals that the game will interweave real-time "infiltration" sequences with tactical clashes and base management. So there will be a lot of stealth and silent elimination of enemies (like in the Commandos series ), as well as shooting and blowing up the neighborhood in a form reminiscent of XCOM.

The Lamplighters League will debut this year. The game will be released on Xbox Series X/S and PC (on Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store). In addition, it will appear in PC/Xbox Game Pass.

  1. The Lamplighters League - official website

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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The Lamplighters League

The Lamplighters League

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