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News video games 04 December 2018, 14:43

author: Aquma

Tale of Two Wastelands: a mod combines Fallout 3 and Fallout NV

A new version of Tale of Two Wastelands mod has been released. This Fallout New Vegas mod allows you to explore both coasts of post-apocalyptic America with the same character.

Tale of Two Wastelands: a mod combines Fallout 3 and Fallout NV - picture #1
Will Tale of Two Wastelands give the players what Fallout 76 couldn't?

Fans of the Fallout series who, colloquially speaking, "rebounded" from its latest installment – the highly controversial, online iteration Fallout 76 - can look for consolation in the Tale of Two Wastelands project, which was recently released in a heavily modified version 3.2. This modification transplants the contents of Fallout 3 into Fallout: New Vegas, allowing the players to explore the wastelands of both games (and their DLC) with the same character.

The locations where the action of the titles take place can be found in completely different parts of the United States and are almost 1500 miles apart (that’s 2400 kilometers – take a look at the map below), so travelling between them requires using a... train. The mod takes advantage of all the improvements introduced in New Vegas, such as weapon mods, changes in the interface and combat system or the so-called companion perks, i.e. special abilities active only when traveling with a specific companion (interestingly, skills of this kind were also given to Fallout 3's companions).

Tale of Two Wastelands: a mod combines Fallout 3 and Fallout NV - picture #2
A walk like that would be quite dangerous and time-consuming - even without the constant attacks of bandits, molerats and supermutants.

The modification requires full versions of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, including all add-ons (you will also need to install the latest patches). Mod works with Steam and GOG versions. It's best to prepare a so called "clean" installation - with no other modifications, because these may (but don't have to) cause various conflicts. More information about Tale of Two Wastelands can be found in this FAQ and in the project’s forum.

  1. Tale of Two Wastelands installation files
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