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News video games 29 September 2022, 13:28

author: Adam Adamczyk

Terraria's Highly Anticipated Labor of Love Patch Goes Live

The Labor of Love update for Terraria is now available. The developers have made many changes and added a lot of additional content.

Though Terraria debuted on May 16, 2011, the game is supported by the developers all the time and gets new updates that fix some bugs and add new content. Yesterday, the game received a long-awaited patch called Labor of Love, which adds quite a few features to the game.

Changes in Labor of Love

We wrote about the Labor of Love update earlier, giving examples of the changes that are to appear in the game. There are quite a lot of new mechanics and additional content, so I will only mention a few of them.

  1. Most blocks and items can now be stacked up to 9999 pieces, saving a lot of inventory space.
  2. An item called Shellphone lets you choose where the player will be transported to after teleportation.
  3. A slime town has been added, in which each creature has a unique appearance and, according to the developers, a personality.
  4. An item called Lilith's Necklace can be found in the game, which enables you to turn into a wolf.
  5. The patch also introduced many new blocks, decorations and paintings that can be hung on walls.
  6. A Hand of Creation item has been added, which speeds up digging and increases the range of placing blocks.
  7. The stats of some weapons have been changed.
  8. Battles with some bosses will now be more challenging.

The game received a lot of minor changes, and you can find the full list here.

New seeds

One of the biggest changes after the update is the ability to generate three new seeds. The first of these is Zenith, which, according to the developers brings the degree of challenge to a whole new level. To activate it, when creating the world, enter the seed "getfixedboi"

Terrarias Highly Anticipated Labor of Love Patch Goes Live - picture #1
Ready for a challenge? Enter seed getfixedboi

The next seed literally turns the world upside down. After typing in the seed "dontdigup" we will start the game in hell and only from there will we head for the surface.

Terrarias Highly Anticipated Labor of Love Patch Goes Live - picture #2
New seed - dontdigup

The third seed, or "notraps," is a joke on the part of the developers. Are you tired of poisoned arrows, exploding chests and stones falling on your head? If so, avoid this seed. Already during terrain generation you can read the message "not placing traps", but in reality the world is riddled with them.

Terrarias Highly Anticipated Labor of Love Patch Goes Live - picture #3
More traps! Terraria will endure! Seed - notraps


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