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News video games 27 November 2021, 21:35

author: Adrian Werner

Indie Strategy Game TFM: The First Men Attracts a Lot of Interest

The trailer for TFM: The First Men, a fantasy strategy project that combines elements of RTS and 4X, has been released.

  1. Developer: Gathering Tree
  2. Publisher: Gathering Tree
  3. Genre: Strategy
  4. Platform: PC

We love it when small indie games unexpectedly turn out to be successes. The strategy game TFM: The First Men seems to have a good chance of doing so, at least judging by the enthusiastic reactions to the trailer on Reddit, where the title is heavily trending on the /pcgaming subreddit.

TFM: The First Men is to combine elements of RTS and 4X games. The action will be set in a fantasy land, and we will take under our care the Adam and Eve of this world. They are the first people from whom the whole civilization begins. Before the start of the game, we will define this couple by many parameters, which later will significantly affect their descendants. All characters in the game will be described by the so-called attributes of body, mind, soul, and heart, which in combination with hundreds of perks will provide a great diversity of our community.

As in a typical fantasy game, in TFM: The First Men the people will not be the only intelligent race there, and we'll be able to interact with other civilizations both peacefully and through war. During the game, we'll be taking care of our subordinates, cultivating crops, husbanding animals, building cities, and developing technologies. Battles will be played out in real-time with an active pause option. An additional attraction will be RPG-like adventures, in which we'll lead groups of heroes to complete tasks and collect treasures.

TFM: The First Men will offer many game modes. We'll play in unique scenarios and a variant of free battles. There's also the option to play on randomly-generated maps. All this will be available both in single- and multiplayer. An additional attraction is to be the map editor, enabling us to create oour own challenges and stories.

TFM: The First Men will be available only on PC. At the moment, the devs haven't announced the planned release date, but we won't have to wait long, because the closed tests have already started.

  1. TFM: The First Men - official website
TFM: The First Men

TFM: The First Men

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