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News video games 05 September 2020, 19:34

author: Frozen

The Last of Us 2 has One of the Highest Completion Rates on PS4

The Last of Us: Part II boasts a higher completion rate than God of War, Marvel's Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima and many other hits on PS4.

More than half of all The Last of Us 2 players saw the ending.

According to the trophy statistics on PlayStation Network, The Last of Us: Part II was completed by 58.5% of players, which is one of the best results among the PlayStation 4 games. By comparison: 40% of the players saw the final credits in the (much shorter) first installment (40.4% for Remastered version).

Completion rates for other popular titles on PS4 are as follows:

What contributed to this high score of The Last of Us: Part II? Certainly, the inclusion of a number of accessibility options (designed for people with disabilities) and the controversy surrounding the game (maybe some players wanted to see " what all the fuss was about") had a big impact. The title also does not have extensive side content (not counting the scattered collectibles), which would distract the player's attention from the main storyline, as is the case with Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Last of Us: Part II was released on June 19, 2020 exclusively on PlayStation 4. T

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Last update: 2020-09-05

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