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News video games 16 November 2022, 15:12

author: Adam Adamczyk

One of Biggest MMO Worlds Got an Extensive Expansion

The Before the Shadow expansion has arrived to The Lord of the Rings Online. It adds a lot of content for both beginners and long-time players.

There are a number of online games that can boast of a really long life. Among the most famous are such titles as World of Warcraft or Tibia, but there is also reason to be proud for the creators of The Lord of the Rings Online. The title has been around since 2007, continues to grow, attracting new players and offering a huge world. We are pleased to announce that the game has received a new expansion, which introduces a lot of additional content.

Before the Shadow expands one of the largest MMO worlds.

The expansion to LOTRO is called Before the Shadow and offers interesting attractions for both new players and those who have been playing for years and are looking for more challenges. Newcomers can start the game with a streamlined tutorial that will introduce them to two new zones: Swanfleet from levels 1-15 and Cardolan from levels 15-32. A delvings system has also been added for players who have reached the endgame. It offers 40 missions that feature a high level of difficulty.

"Completed quests result in the upgrade of the Delving gemstone, which increases the difficulty of subsequent quests. Players can choose to exchange these gems for gear from the T3 raid or take their chances in an attempt to earn better rewards in subsequent quests."

Before the Shadow is offered in three price variants. The basic version costs $19.99, the Collector's Edition costs $59.99, and players will have to pay $99.99 for the Ultimate Fan Bundle.

The expansion also introduces many minor improvements that players have been waiting for, such as the ability to track as many as 10 quests at once. Fall damage has also been reduced.

Lord of the Rings Online offers one of the largest MMO worlds, and with aexpansions such as Before the Shadow, it is not only large, but also consistently interesting and loaded with a variety of activities and challenges.

More on the content Before the Shadow is presented here.

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