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News video games 29 October 2019, 20:11

author: Christian Pieniazek

The Outer Worlds Can be Completed in Half an Hour

Although it takes on average more than ten hours to complete The Outer Worlds, it can be done much faster. YouTube has released a video that proves that the latest game from Obsidian Entertainment can be completed in... a little over half an hour.

The latest game from Obsidian Entertainment is a treat for speedrunners. Although The Outer Worlds is not one of the most extensive games in history, we are dealing with an action RPG that needs quite a lot of time... but not necessarily. On youtube channel It's Jabo appeared a video which proved that it can be completed in just over a half of hour (exactly - 34 minutes). It is worth noting that we are dealing with a form of speedrun called "Any%", which means that Jabo focused on reaching the end credits as quickly as possible, without looking at the side activities. The Youtuber admits that he is "just getting started" and that in the future he may beat the result he has set himself.

Before we invite you to watch the video, we warn that it is full of spoilers, so watch it at your own risk.

And how much time does it take to complete The Outer Worlds the usual way? Well, according to HowLongToBeat, it takes about 10.5 hours to complete the main story; it takes an average of 18.5 hours to complete the story and the selected side tasks, and an average of 28 hours to see everything the devs have prepared for us. It is worth noting that in our review Christopher admitted that within 30 hours he managed to complete both main storylines (although he started his second adventure from the moment they "split"), but during this time he did not manage to complete all optional missions.

In The Outer Worlds there is no shortage of beautiful places. Truly a waste to speedrun through them in pursuit of the shortest possible time.

Let us remind that The Outer Worlds launched on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 25, and will be available on Nintendo Switch next year. The title received a warm welcome from the reviewers; time will tell whether the artistic success will be followed by commercial one.

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