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News video games 04 September 2019, 22:52

author: Julia Dragovic

The Sims 4 Celebrates 5th Birthday With Islam-inspired Content

This week, The Sims 4 will receive a birthday update that includes content aimed at Muslims - headgear, clothing and news in construction mode. The creators have also significantly expanded, among other things, new options for adjusting stairs.

Pani Simowa Nasir chyba jest o coś zła na Pana Sima Nasira. - The Sims 4 świętuje 5-lecie zawartością inspirowaną kulturą islamu - wiadomość - 2019-09-04
I think Mrs. Sim Nasir is mad at Mr. Sim Nasir.

The Sims 4 is celebrating its fifth birthday. We will be able to celebrate by downloading the latest free update. Although the creators do not reveal all the novelties, it is known that we will find among them new options to adapt the stairs and terrace furniture, as well as elements of decoration and clothing inspired by the culture and art of Islam.

The refreshed Sims wardrobe will feature Muslim-specific clothing and traditional hijab and kufi headgear, the colours of which can be customized and combined with any other garment. Changes will also appear in the construction mode (and, most likely, furniture). Maxis wants more cultures to be able to identify with the game - the latest update will make it easier. Graham Nardone, one of the producers, says:

I like the fact that more of our players will have a chance to express themselves and have items that are closer to them in the game. That's very cool.

Specyficzne okna, kopuły, arkady… Osobiście liczę na iznikowe kafle.
Unique windows, domes, arcades... Personally, I hope for iznik tiles.

Another novelty is the stairs - not just any stairs. Maybe first let's show their capabilities and then we will tell you more about them:

Wyginam schody śmiało… Matko, ale sucho. Przepraszam.
I could stair in your eyes from any angle...

We must admit that the changes are significant. Stairs can be bent in any way we want - make mezzanine levels, sub-mezzanine levels or whatever. The creators were probably also impressed by these possibilities, because they presented the option on a sim model of Penrose stairs. Only that unlike the original, those from Maxis were not impossible, but simply flat. The presentation took place inside the building...

No, całkiem blisko!
Mmmyeah, close enough!
To chyba bardziej Kafka niż Penrose.
This looks more like Kafka than Penrose.

...but also outside.

Stairway to heaven
Stairway to heaven

It hasn't been revealed whether the new stair customization options provide new opportunities for killing Sims. It may sound brutal, but I'm sure some of you are already making evil plans to lock one or another sim in an impossible maze of stairs without food or a place to rest.

In the video at the beginning of the news you will also find some news about terrace furniture. The leitmotif of the patch is summer.

The next major update will include the Realm of Magic add-on, about which we'll learn more at the end of the week. The release of the latest DLC (you can read more about it here) is scheduled for September 10 on PC and October 15 on PS4 and XONE.

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