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News video games 01 April 2022, 15:04

author: Jacob Blazewicz

The Sims 4 Devs Fixed Weddings, But Annoyed Players

The new patch fixed many of the problems of The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories DLC, although it did not get rid of all the glitches.

Electronic Arts has taken to fixing The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories game pack after its problematic launch. The list of planned fixes was shown back in early March, and now they've come into effect with a new update.

The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories - list of changes in the March 31 update

On release My Wedding Stories did not really enable us to enjoy the new content. Practically nothing worked as expected - from the guests not adhering to the dress code through the animations to the officials not particularly interested in fulfilling their duties.

If you believe the description of the new update The Sims 4 on the game's official website, the developers have removed many of these defects.

  1. Update fixes errors related to wedding formalities (including the ceremony itself), quickly spoiling wedding cakes, Sims not willing to gather, and lazy wedding officiants.
  2. A bug resetting the guest dress code has also been fixed, and Sims have undergone a savoir vivre course so they will behave much better at weddings. Loud talking during the ceremony and Sims ignoring the bride and groom while giving vows has ended.
  3. Also gone are bugs with - as the developers want - chair seats covered in glue and excessive Sim butts sticking out from underneath the outfit called "ymTop_GP11Casual."

Full list of changes is available on the game's official website.

Patch (almost) fixed the expansion

But are these fixes enough to give My Wedding Stories a second chance? Internet users running Sims Community have checked it, and they claim the patch does indeed fix many broken elements of the pack, but not all.

  1. During a PC session, the article's authors confirmed that the update has improved dress codes, officials, cakes, the marriage kiss, and Sims "sticking" to seats, among other things.
  2. Players can also look forward to better weather on Tartos in the spring if they have the 4 Seasons expansion.
  3. The issue with guests ignoring wedding events (including toasts) and the first dance has been partially eliminated.
  4. Unfortunately, brides still have difficulty throwing a bouquet - mainly due to guests who either ignore the call or don't have enough room.

Error code 0 and non-working saves

So it looks like My Wedding Stories has indeed been (almost) fixed. There is just one and very significant "but": Dave "SimGuruNinja" Miotke, a producer at Maxis, confirmed that the new patch does not fix the bug with save files.

  1. The so-called error code 0 is present both on PC, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The bug makes it impossible to save the game. Some report that the bug can be bypassed by typing the "save as" command.
  2. Miotke assured that an appropriate fix is "just around the corner", although he did not specify when exactly it will hit the game.

"It's not a bug, it's a feature"

On a side note, some users are not so much thrilled with the update or the bugs, as with the content of the announcement by the developers. At issue is the wording on the Sims' independent behavior:

"(...) The Sims don't always behave the way you expect them to. In part, that's what makes The Sims unique, however we understand that it can also be a source of frustration."

Some internet users saw it as a nose flick to the fans, who, after the debut of My Wedding stories, complained about sims being disobedient (for example, when it came to dress codes). According to disgruntled players, it looks as if the developers wanted to dismiss these complaints by presenting the Sims' unruly behavior as a feature of the game rather than a bug.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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