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News video games 06 August 2019, 19:26

author: Michael Kulakowski

This War of Mine - Fading Embers Expansion Launches

The latest expansion for the survival game This War of Mine has just debuted on PCs. The Fading Embers expansion offers a completely new story that focuses on the protection of cultural heritage during the war, it also adds new locations and gameplay mechanics.

A new expansion for the well-received survival game This War of Mine, originally released in 2014, has just appeared on Steam and GOG. Fading Embers was , officially announced at the end of July, and is the third and final episode of the season pass This War of Mine: Stories. You can buy Fading Embers as standalone for $3.99 or complete with the other two episodes for $6.99.

Like the two previous episodes of This War of Mine: Stories, Fading Embers offers a new and unique scenario set in the besieged and destroyed city of Pogoren. The story prepared by the team at 11 bit studios touches on the difficult issue of the protection of cultural heritage during an armed conflict. The main heroine of the supplement is Anja, who tries to protect as many valuable works of art and artifacts as possible from destruction and looting. During the game, Anja starts wondering if her collection is worth sacrificing the lives of innocent people for it. For example, priceless books or paintings can also provide great fuel to warm up on a cold night and enable us to survive the next day.

Fading Embers includes a total of three new playable characters (Anja, Ruben, Zoran), as well as many previously unseen NPCs that we can talk to and interact with. Players will also find new locations and sceneries, two previously inaccessible shelters, and a completely new hub (the building of the Pogoren Museum), which comes with the mechanics of managing an art collection. Players can decide on the search for valuable items and the fate of individual items that have already been secured. In addition, the creators refreshed the appearance of as many as nine locations from the original game.

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