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Game Box for Total War: Rome Remastered (PC)

Total War: Rome Remastered PC

Remaster of the 2004 cult classic Rome: Total War, improving and making the game more accessible to new audiences. Once again we take on the role of leader of one of the many available factions, trying to conquer Rome and become Emperor.

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PC / Windows
Total War: Rome Remastered cover

publisher: SEGA

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet

English language game language: English

game release date for PC:


Total War: ROME REMASTERED is the refreshed version of the 2004 classic, Rome: Total War. The game takes us back to the glory days of the Roman Empire. Our task is to lead our chosen faction to greatness and gain the title of Emperor. Buying the remaster we get both official DLC - Barbarian Invasion and Alexander - and a copy of the original game with all add-ons.


The core gameplay remains unchanged. ROME REMASTERED is, like the other games in the series, a mix of turn-based and real-time strategy. It is based on two main elements, namely management and combat. Management works in a turn-based system. The map in the game is divided into provinces, the conquest of which is the main objective of the game. Gaining control over provinces we increase our territory, earn more thanks to taxes and enlarge our army. Conquered cities can be expanded by placing new buildings in them. For example, a city with barracks can produce better units, and a city with a port can send trade ships to other provinces. It is also important to take care of the family of our ruler. Family members can be assigned as town administrators or army generals. To achieve victory we must own fifty provinces and conquer Rome.

To conquer territory we have to take part in battles. These battles are played out in real time and place great emphasis on tactics. If we want to win, we have to use appropriate formations, flank the enemy and use the right strategy. Each unit has advantages and disadvantages. Infantry is powerful but slow. Cavalry maneuvers easily around opponents, but stands no chance in a fair fight with infantry. Artillery is almost immobile and very vulnerable to attacks, but is able to take down entire units on its own. The morale of our troops has a significant effect on the battle. If it drops too low, the troop will panic and flee the battlefield.

The remastered version adds many new elements aimed at making the game better and more accessible. The camera has been improved, allowing you to freely rotate and zoom in on the map. The diplomacy interface has become clearer. During combat, the player has access to a new tactical map that accurately depicts the situation on the battlefield. In addition, sixteen playable factions have been added to the game, bringing the total number of playable factions to thirty-eight.

Game modes

The game allows to play single player campaigns against the computer. However, we can also face our friends in multiplayer games. Multiplayer is cross-platform and allows Windows, Mac and Linux owners to play together.

Technical aspects

The graphics in Rome Remastered have been drastically improved and presents a high level of detail. Units, buildings and objects have been completely re-modelled. Weather effects such as mirages and dust clouds are present on maps. Maps have been refreshed and received new models. The game supports 4K and Ultra HD resolutions.

Expectations: 6.0 / 10 calculated out of 69 players' votes.  

Sega Announces Total War: Rome Remastered
Sega Announces Total War: Rome Remastered

news 25 March 2021 19:34

Today, Sega announced Total War: Rome Remastered - a refreshed version of the iconic strategy game from 2004. We will set off to conquer ancient Rome once again in a month - on April 29th.

Total War: Rome Remastered Compared to Original
Total War: Rome Remastered Compared to Original

news 31 March 2021 14:30

A video was posted on YouTube, showing the differences in visuals between Total War: Rome from 2004 and the remaster, which will be released on April 29.

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