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News video games 17 May 2021, 11:08

author: Bart Swiatek

UFO2: Extraterrestrials Will Launch After a Nearly 10-year Delay

Chaos Concept announced that the strategy game UFO2: Extraterrestrials will soon be available on PC. This is about the prequel to UFO: Extraterrestrials, which was supposed to come out almost 10 years ago.


  1. In a few weeks, UFO2: Extraterrestrials; will be coming to PC;
  2. It's a prequel to UFO: Extraterrestrials, which was supposed to be released over nine years ago.

Chaos Concept announced that in a few weeks, the game UFO2: Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury, currently known simply as UFO2: Extraterrestrialswill be released on PC (via Blue's News). We are talking about the prequel to UFO: Extraterrestrials, which, according to the last available information from August 2011, was supposed to hit the market in March 2012. It seems that the delay announced at the time by the developers turned out to be "slightly" longer than originally planned and the title will be delivered almost a decade later.

UFO2: Extraterrestrials will resemble such works as XCOM 2 or Phoenix Point. We will get a turn-based strategy game with significant RPG elements, in which we will fight against various alien species. The developers promise highly interactive and destructible environment, a large number of different technologies and weapons to discover, as well as a large catalog of aliens to interrogate. What's interesting, the latest improvements in gameplay and balance were made by the creator of the popular mod for UFO Extraterrestrials - UFO: ET Bman Ease of Use.

The game's visuals undoubtedly are dated (which is quite natural given the incredibly long development cycle), but the gameplay looks quite polished and we can only hope that it has not aged too much. UFO2: Extraterrestrials should provide fans of this type of strategy with a solid dose of fun.

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UFO2: Extraterrestrials

UFO2: Extraterrestrials

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