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News video games 16 March 2021, 18:06

Valheim Devs Said No to Ore Teleportation

Valheim has proven to be the black horse of early 2021. The survival game from Iron Gate Studios gained incredible popularity, but also awakened some demands among the community, which can not always be met. The developers said a straigh „no” to teleporting ores.

  • The head of Iron Gate Studios has denied that the team is planning to lift the restrictions on portals in Valheim.
  • The players complain about the lack of ability to teleport metals over long distances.

The world of Valheim is huge - any person who, after dozens of hours of gameplay, still sees vast stretches of gray, undiscovered terrain on the minimap will attest to this. The game enables the players to set up portals, which will take us to a given place in an instant. The rules are simple - we place one teleport in our base, the second in the destination place.

The problem is that we can not always use the passage. If you have any metal or metal ore in your inventory, the portal will not work and will force you to leave your precious resources behind. This is a major inconvenience, considering the fact that it is easy to die on foot or by sea and lose your items. The Valheim community wants the restriction lifted, especially since the game offers a way to work around this mechanic through an exploit related to moving between servers.

Despite the community's strong pleas, hopes for a change in this matter were dashed in a comment on Twitter by Iron Gate Studio head Richard Svensson, which did not escape the Reddit community:

Not all players are complaining about not being able to teleport metals. To quote another forumer:

"(Portal restrictions - ed) are pretty much the only reason why it pays off to go on expeditions, why it's worth exploring the ocean and listening to the sea breeze. These restrictions push players to build new bases, look for shortcuts, choose their route wisely on the plains or sea, in all other situations you can just teleport."

In the meantime, Valheim is still waiting for new content, which will arrive in the game with some delay. The devs are currently focusing on fixing bugs and various minor issues.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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