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News video games 13 March 2021, 20:05

author: Ness

Valheim Players Started Building Structures to Kill Monsters Faster

The creativity of Valheim players doesn't stop at replicating various pop culture works. Two Internet users boasted about their achievements in the field of mass killing monsters.

We've written a couple of times about the various player ideas created in one of the most popular games of 2021, Valheim. Sauron's fortress, The Millennium Falcon or the Cathedral of Notre Dame, among others, have been recreated in the game. Recently, however, two daredevils presented their works focused on the extermination of various monsters.

On Reddit, an internet user named Leathermattress showed off his invention, tentatively called The Greydwarf toaster 5000. Greydwarfs are creatures that appear at night, usually in small groups. Their weakness is fire, so the clever inventor decided to exploit this fact in his very simple design. He found their lair and surrounded it on all sides with bonfires. Monsters appear every few seconds, so his trap became a grinding machine. Leathermattress only had to return to his invention every few hours to add more wood to the fire. You can see the mechanism in action below.

Another player, named Canamerican726, lured and burned a dozen Deathsquits - some of the most hated enemies of the Vikings in the virtual world of Valheim. His feat is less impressive, however, as he admitted to using cheats. Without them, attracting flying creatures takes a very long time.

There will probably be many more examples of creative ways for monster killing in the future, as Valheim continues to attract new players. Iron Gate's game has already been purchased by more than 5 million people.

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