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News video games 21 November 2022, 13:51

author: Adam Adamczyk

Warhammer 40K: Dartkide - Complete Weapons List and How to Unlock

In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, the player has a wide assortment of weapons at their disposal. Thanks to this guide you will learn about all of them, along with a breakdown by class.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is an action-packed FPP game in which you fight enemies, cooperate with other players and make your character more powerful. There are several classes available in the game, which can use unique weapons. Weapons that can be bought are unlocked as the level of Trust increases.. In this guide you will learn the list of weapons for each class and the weapons common to all classes.

The guide is based on the pre-release version of the game. In time, new weapons will probably be added.

If you are curious about other Darktide topics, please see our guide - Warhammer 40K: Darktide Guide.


Sword (Force)

  1. Obscurus MK II Blaze Force Sword

Force Staff (Trauma)

  1. Eguinox MK III Trauma Force Staff

Force Staff (Voidstrike)

  1. Equinox MK IV Voidstrike Force Staff

Staff ( Purgatus)

  1. Rifthaven MK II Purgatus Force Staff



  1. Standard-Issue Munitorum Sapper Shovel

Plasma Gun

  1. M35 Magnacore MK II Plasma Gun


Slab Shield

  1. Orox MK II Battle Maul & MK II Slab Shield

Grenadier Gauntlet

  1. Blastoom MK III Grenadier Gauntlet

Heavy Stubber

  1. Krourk MK V Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber

Ripper Gun

  1. Foe-Rend MK II Ripper Gun
  2. Foe-Rend MK V Ripper Gun
  3. Foe-Rend MK VI Ripper Gun


  1. Lorenz MK VII Rumbler
  2. Lorenz MK V Kickback


  1. Krourk MK IV Cleaver
  2. Krourk MK VI Cleaver


  1. Brunt Special MK I Bully Club
  2. Latrine Shovel
  3. Brute-Brainer MK III Latrine Shovel


Thunder Hammer

  1. Crucis MK II Thunder Hammer


  1. Artemia MK III Purgation Flamer

Common Weapons

Melee Weapons

Axe (Combat)

  1. Rashad MK II Combat Axe
  2. Antax MK V Combat Axe
  3. Achlys MK VIII Combat Axe

Axe (Tactical)

  1. Atrox MK II Tactical Axe
  2. Atrox MK IV Tactical Axe
  3. Atrox MK VII Tactical Axe


  1. Orestes MK IV Chainaxe


  1. Cadia MK IV Assault Chainsword

Combat Blade

  1. Catachan MK III Combat Blade


  1. Tigrus MK II Heavy Eviscerator


  1. Catachan MK I "Devils Claw" Sword
  2. Catachan MK IV "Devil's Claw" Sword
  3. Catachan MK VII "Devil's Claw" Sword

Sword (Duelling)

  1. Maccabian MK II Duelling Sword
  2. Maccabian MK V Duelling Sword

Sword (Heavy)

  1. Turolsky MK VI Heavy Sword
  2. Turolsky MK IX Heavy Sword

Sword (Power)

  1. Munitorum MK III Power Sword

Ranged Weapons

Autogun (Braced)

  1. Columnus MK II Braced Autogun
  2. Graia MK IV Braced Autogun

Autogun (Headhunter)

  1. Vraks MK III Headhunter Autogun
  2. Vraks MK VII Headhunter Autogun

Autogun (Infantry)

  1. Graia MK VIII Infantry Autogun
  2. Columnus MK V Infantry Autogun
  3. Agripiniaa MK I Infantry Autogun


  1. Ius MK III Shredder Autopistol


  1. Locke MK IIb Spreadhead Boltgun

Combat Shotgun

  1. Lawbringer MK VI Combat Shotgun

Lasgun (Hellbore)

  1. Lucius MK I Hellbore Lasgun
  2. Lucius MK II Hellbore Lasgun
  3. Lucius MK III Hellbore Lasgun

Lasgun (Infantry)

  1. Kanrael MG IV Infantry Lasgun
  2. Kantrael MG XII Infantry Lasgun
  3. Kantrael MG Ia Infantry Lasgun

Lasgun (Recon)

  1. Accatran MK II Recon Lasgun
  2. Accatran MK VId Recon Lasgun


  1. Accatran MG MK II Heavy Laspistol

Plasma Gun

  1. M35 Magnacore MK II Plasma Gun


  1. Zarona MK IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver

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