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News movies & tv series 07 August 2019, 23:46

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Witcher's Showrunner Visited CD Projekt RED

Lauren S. Hissrich from Netflix mentioned a visit to CD Projekt RED HQ during preparations for the production of The Witcher. The showrunner did not fail to take advantage of the experience gained by the devs while creating the adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's work.

Netflix did not hesitate to use CD Projekt RED's help when making The Witcher.

Lauren S. Hissrich may already have the finished shooting the first season of The Witcher, but the showrunner is not wasting any time. Since the release of the official photos , the producer has been flooded with questions from Geralt's fans. One of them concerned the series as an adaptation of the Witcher game series, which Hissrich firmly denied. But apparently she thought it was appropriate to visit the creators of the digital trilogy. On Twitter, she mentioned a visit to CD Projekt RED, which probably took place long before the production of the series began.

The meeting was reminded by her response to the a message from Phillip Webber, Senior Quest Designer at CD Projekt RED. User Slava Budaev uploaded the graphics with the entries posted by the studio employees, who warmly commented on the upcoming series. Hissrich herself mentioned that her visit to the Polish developer was for her "the greatest attraction in getting to know the world of The Witcher". Even despite her "slip-up" as she recklessly asked for the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 when she saw the "incredible progress" on the game.

You do not ask women about their age, and game devs about their release dates.

Hissrich's visit should definitely not be treated as a suggesttion that Netflix's Witcher should draw significantly from the games. The CD Projekt RED team, of course, spent a lot of time reading Sapkowski's books before taking on the witcher trilogy. Developers also had to deal with the typical problem of book adaptations (read: trying not to get on the bad side of the original's fan community, whose ideas about Geralt and the company might have differed from those of the creators), which was also the problem of Netflix' film crew. Hissrich could not therefore find better experts, either in the question of the witcher universe or in adapting it to a completely different medium. The more so because, as she mentioned on Twitter, she clearly noticed their passion for the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski in her conversations with Polish developers. However, after the first trailer and the subsequent statements of the showrunner, we can assume that the series will be different from the game trilogy. However, the Witcher's post-production is still in progress, and we will have to wait until December for the first episode.

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