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News video games 15 October 2021, 21:41

author: ZieZie

Women and Trains in This Land Is My Land - Native American Sim Lives

October 20 will see the release of This Land Is My Land. For that reason, it's worth taking a look at the last major changes made to the game.

Already on October 20 we will the the full-fledged release of This Land Is My Land on Steam, which is currently available in early access. Because of this, it's worth taking a look at the latest big changes the developers have made to their title. Among them are trains, new weather types and women.

The biggest novelty is the introduction of trains, which are obstacles in the game world. They help settlers in recapturing areas taken over by players by strengthening their offensive and providing raw materials needed for reconstruction. However, you can remedy this threat by destroying tracks, construction sites, and other structures.. However, it should be remembered that the destruction caused by us is not long-lasting. This increases the need to check the newspapers to find out if the enemy has made repairs.

The weather has been enriched with the possibility of rain and sandstorms. As for the innovations, which can be used by the player, we got a completely rebuilt community system. The devs have also added tabs for events and rankings. In addition, a system of revenge was introduced. At the moment an opponent kills a player, someone else gets a notification about the possibility of avenging him in exchange for rewards.

Creating our own settlements has also been expanded by implementing more than 50 structures including new camps, prisons, and farms. The last big news is the introduction of female NPCs to our settlements. They support the character in various ways and will receive more functions in the future.

Some of the smaller improvements include waking up stunned enemies, the ability to craft skins, and improved horse calling skills. The full list of changes can be found here. New features will probably also be added for the release, and the developers will not abandon the game after the launch and will continue to develop it.

This Land Is My Land

This Land Is My Land

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