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News video games 04 November 2020, 16:04

author: Bart Swiatek

WoW: Shadowlands Players Satisfied With New Leveling System

Reddit users like the Timewalker Campaigns mechanic, who enables us to level up our character by completing quests from any of the existing expensions.


  1. World of Warcraft players praise the Timewalker Campaigns feature;
  2. The mechanic enables us to level up characters using the content of any of the existing expansions;
  3. The solution was introduced in the latest patch.

World of Warcraft players gathered on Reddit praise one of the features that was introduced in the so-called pre-patch preparing WoW for the launch of Shadowlands. We are talking about so-called Timewalker Campaigns, which enable us to level up characters from level 10 to 50, using the content of any of the previously released expansions.

"I love how it makes the timeline bullshit make more sense, too. Nothing was more annoying than getting a quest from multiple Kings or Warchiefs. Plus it's so much less clunky than the old system," praises GenericOnlineName.

"Exactly ! You'd create a death knight, arrive in Stormwind to talk to BfA Anduin, then you'd arrive at level 80 to do Mist of Pandaria's content to save teenage Anduin while Varian is still alive. This is much better," Abovearth31 agrees.

At the same time, however, some users point out that not everything is working as it should - bugs and problems happen.

"The other day I was handing a quest in to baine in grommash hold and sylvanas was randomly standing about a foot in front of him. There's still some bugs to fix on that front lol" notes Murderlol.

Timewalker Campaigns - how does it work?

WoW: Shadowlands Players Satisfied With New Leveling System - picture #1
Timewalker Campaigns function.

We can activate the function only one of our characters reaches level 50, performing quests from the Battle for Azeroth expansion, the only one that provides full level synchronization (in other words, enables us to develop characters from level 10 to 50) without Timewalker Campaigns.

When levelling up subsequent characters, it's up to us to choose our preferred quests - just go to Chromie, which resides in the embassy in the capital of our faction (Ogrimmar or Stormwind - look for the hourglass icon on the mini-map) and activate the so-called Chromie Time. When we choose an expansion, we get its first quest, and then follow the storyline up to level 50. We can also use other content, although without switching the active campaign we are not allowed to complete dungeons (so-called instances) from another expansion - unless we spend more than 15 minutes in line (then the game allows us to play wherever we want).

Timewalker Campaigns function even enables us to "pause" acquiring experience - thanks to that we can e.g. finish a given storyline without reaching level 50 (on Lv 50, Chromium Time is switched off and we are transported to the capital, where the story of the Shadowlands expansion begins).

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