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News guides 22 March 2023, 13:26

author: Damian Gacek

WWE 2k23 - Sliders Explained

If you are wondering how sliders work in WWE 2k23, then read our article. We explain everything.

WWE 2k23 is a new installment of this popular series about wrestling. The title was developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K. Many fans enjoy the game. It allows players to take on the role of a wrestler and compete in various matches and game modes. The game also features realistic graphics and sound effects, which enhance the overall experience for players. There are also many sliders, who can shape your gameplay. In this guide we will explain what they do.

Gameplay – WWE 2k23 Sliders Explained

In this section you can implement major changes in the gameplay. Set the difficulty level and allow or forbid run-ins. If you want to have a realistic experience, you should turn on Weight detection and Blood. On the other hand, turn off Rope Break (Automatic).

You can also determine the basic rules of the minigame here. What is more, you can decide if it is possible to play your own wrestler.

Presentation – WWE 2k23 Sliders Explained

This section is mostly about quality-of-life settings, however if you want to have a realistic experience you should turn on Fatigue.

All sorts of prompts are very important here. They will help you massively during your fights, however they may ruin your immersion. Decision is yours.

Camera options relate to the way you want to watch your fights. Especially Camera Cuts are important because this setting can increase your TV-like experience.

Balancing – WWE 2k23 Sliders Explained

WWE 2k23 - Sliders Explained - picture #1

Balancing is a general tab, which allows players to shape their matches with AI opponents. Mostly, the smaller the numbers next to the sliders, the easier the fight will be.

  1. A.I. sliders – there are many sliders which shape the movement of AI characters. If you want to make them weaker, just move them to lower values.
  2. Run-in – in wrestling the run-in takes place when a person who is not actively taking part in the match runs into the ring. Obviously, lower the slider if you don’t want to experience this.
  3. Referee down time – it is self-explanatory. It is time the referee will be out of action after you knock this person down.
  4. Reversal – it is your window of opportunity to push the right button and counter your enemies’ movements.
  5. Stamina cost – it is a very important slider because it determines how often you will be able to do your moves.
  6. Stamina / Stunned Recovery rate – in both cases, it is the time which you need to move freely again.
  7. Rollout sliders – these sliders will determine how often and for how long you will be able to do it.
  8. Stun gain – lower this slider if you want to resist stuns more. If the number is high, you will be easily stunned.
  9. Stun duration – how long stuns last.
  10. Vitality regen cooldown and rate – vitality is your health. So move these sliders to the right, to regenerate faster.
  11. AI difficulty damage scaling – how much damage AI opponents will deal (based on your difficulty settings).
  12. Drag and carry escape difficulty – lower this slider to make escape from drag and carry easier.

Targeting and Advanced - WWE 2k23 Sliders Explained


As the name suggests, these settings decide how to target other characters. You should pick here options which suit you.


There are 3 parts of this section:

  1. Pin Difficulty Settings
  2. Timing Pin Minigame
  3. Submission Minigame

Those options aim at adjusting Pin and Submission mechanics and minigames. What is important you can decide on Human (HUM) and AI settings separately. However, remember that those do not work for the MyFaction mode.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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WWE 2K23

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